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THE BEATLES: PEPPERLAND 1967 VOL.2 2 DVD 2017 REMASTER $24 1967 remasters - now in the highest quality on DVD - thus 2 discs - plus new finds and material plus upgrades! April thru June of 1967 - After recording Pepper and the albums' release - the interviews, promo videos and Mal's home movies (complete for the first time - from several sources!) and John attends a Happening - its all here - in improved upgraded quality and some video firsts on DVD!! Audio for Mals films include Pepper outtakes and interviews from Kenny Everett and Brian Matthews from that period too! Plus a new upgrade of The Making of Pepper Southbank Show in EX quality too! Plus Anthology Director's Cut, Beatles on Record and Making of Pepper 2013 documentaries! The complete Pepper package! The BEST versions you will find, hands down! 150 minutes, in all easy to find chapters! Excellent quality! VIDEO SAMPLE:

DISC ONE: MAL EVANS 8MM COLOUR FILMS 01 April 5: Paul and Mal - Int'l Airport, San Francisco, CA 02 Stapleton Airport, Denver, CO 03 April 6: Paul and Jane in the Rocky Mountains - CO 04 April 9: Paul and Mal - Driving in Denver, CO 05 Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver, CO 06 April 10: Paul & Mal visit Derek Taylor - Blue Jay Way/ Century Square Mall, Los Angeles, CA 07 Paul and Jane in the Rocky Mountains, and with Jefferson Airplane in Los Angeles, CA 08 April 29: John attends Show - Alexandra Palace, London - 14 Hour Technicolor Dream 09 June 1: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 1987 Promotional Video 10 May 1: From Head to Toe - The Escourts - Beat Club 11 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - 1996 Promotional Video 12 June 6: The New England The Revolution - BBC-French News

DISC TWO: June 1, 1992: The Making of Sgt. Pepper - South Bank Show 01 End of Touring 02 Strawberry Fields Forever 03 Recording The Album 04 Recording The Album 05 Recording The Album 06 Recording The Album 07 A Day in The Life 08 Ending PEPPER DOCUMENTARIES: 01 - 03 Anthology Director's Cut 1993 04 The Beatles on Record 2009 05 Making of Sgt. Pepper's 2013