Beatles (2/Cd) Now And Then The Beatles AI Collection 2023

Beatles (2/Cd) Now And Then The Beatles AI Collection 2023
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Beatles (2/Cd) Now And Then The Beatles AI Collection 2023
Scheduled to be released on Tuesday, August 1, 2023 The latest AI sound source collection that realized the co-starring of The Beatles dream! 70’s Subsequent solo songs and unreleased songs are AI remixes and new Beatles versions Featured DAP latest collector’s edition reproduced as! ! [Overseas original press direct import board]

★ Rumored new song “Now and Then” and “Grow Old with Me” Anthology-related songs such as “Real Love” and “Free as a Bird” will be released with new limits. Recorded in box. ★ Solo and unreleased songs since 1970 will be remixed by the latest AI sound source analysis. Reproduced as Tols version. Original sound source, not virtual generation A remix sound source reconstructed with a multi-track demix based on Recorded in my heart. ★Original demo sound source is also included as a bonus track. 2023 The announcement of the last new song by the latest AI technology has become a hot topic. the beatles. Based on John’s demo sound source that was once announced in the anthology project, “Free · As a Bird” and “Real Love” followed by the then-unreleased “Now And Zen” is rumored to be finally completed, but there are already various fan-made The remix sound source of has been released. Today, due to the evolution of AI technology, Fictional fake bar by virtual generation such as “Yesterday” sung by N. John and various remixes are possible, but regarding the new song of the Beatles In recent years, Peter Jackson’s A sound source that makes full use of the demix by the sound source analysis demonstrated in “GET BACK” Therefore, it is professed that there is no misunderstanding that it is manufactured. did It was rebuilt with a multi-track demix based on the original sound source inside Remix sound sources are attracting attention. Beat solos and unreleased tracks from the ’70s Reproduced as a Luz version, unlike the virtual generation, the main While featuring the original vocals, guitar, bass, drums and Replacing the chorus with the Beatles performance to create a Beatles version is increasing. Including unreleased songs centering on these excellent versions With its own concept, there have been many concept projects after dissolution like this in the past A new sound from a careful remix that will make maniacs groan, unlike a mere edited version It has become Gen’s best album. The Beatles dream of co-starring The latest collector’s item in 2023, which is attracting attention as the latest AI sound source collection It is the appearance of Mu.

CD1 1. NOW AND THEN john lennon 2. GROW OLD WITH ME john lennon 3. REAL LOVE john lennon 4. FREE AS A BIRD john lennon 5. IT DON’T COME EASY ringo starr 6. ANOTHER DAY paul mccartney 7. INSTANT KARMA john lennon 8. ALL THINGS MUST PASS george harrison 9. EVERY NIGHT paul mccartney 10. LOVE john lennon 11. OH WOMAN, OH WHY paul mccartney 12. GOING DOWN TO GOLDERS GREEN george harrison 13. SUICIDE paul mccartney 14. COSMIC EMPIRE george harrison 15. OH MY LOVE john lennon 16. MAYBE I’M AMAZED paul mccartney 17. ISN’T IT A PITY george harrison

CD2 1. IMAGINE john lennon 2. I’M THE GREATEST ringo starr 3. WHAT IS LIFE george harrison 4. SITTING AT THE PIANO / ALL OF YOU paul mccartney 5. JEALOUS GUY john lennon 6. DEHRA DUN george harrison 7. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO john lennon 8. FOURTH OF JULY paul mccartney 9. WINDOW, WINDOW george harrison 10. BLACKPOOL paul mccartney 11. GONE FROM THIS PLACE john lennon 12. I KEEP ON BELIEVING paul mccartney 13. HELP ME TO HELP MYSELF john lennon

bonus tracks 14. NOW AND THEN (Another Version) 15. FREE AS A BIRD (Piano Demo) 16. REAL LOVE (Piano Demo) 17. NOW AND THEN (Piano Demo)

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