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THE BEATLES: MULTI-TRACK REMASTERS VOL.2 1962-70 2 CD New compilation by the latest Beatles remix & remastered sound source. The latest remix & remastered sound source that has been elaborated by careful work using multitrack sound source and many outtakes in the Beatles studio recording, different versions and different mixes includes 1966 “Revolver” through 1969 “Abbey Road” and 1970 I Me Mine! These sound fantastic - nice bass, interesting remixes where you will hear things that were buried in the mix, some with dry vocals, less instrumentation, and single vocal mixes, and more! 47 tracks!

DISC ONE: 01 Taxman (stereo remix - Antholgy mix) 02 Yellow Submarine (stereo alt remix) 03 Eleanor Rigby (strings overdub mix) 04 I'm Only Sleeping (stereo alt remix) 05 Love To You (stereo alt remix) 06 Here There And Everywhere (stereo alt remix) 07 She Said She Said (stereo alt remix) 08 For No One (Backing track stereo mix) 09 Dr. Robert (stereo alt remix) 10 And Your Bird Can Sing (stereo alt remix) 11 Got To Get You Into My Life (stereo alt remix) 12 Tomorrow Never Knows (stereo alt remix) 13 Penny Lane (seperated clean vocal stereo remix) 14 Strawberry Fields Forever (stereo alt remix) 15 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (stereo alt remix) 16 With A Little Help From My Friends (stereo alt remix) 17 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (stereo alt remix) 18 Getting Better (Rough mono remix) 19 She's Leaving Home (Combined Take 1 and 6 backing) 20 Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite! (Takes 4 & 7 stereo remx) 21 Within You Without You (stereo alt remix) 22 Lovely Rita (stereo alt remix) 23 A Day In The Life (stereo alt remix - no orchestra) 24 Your Mother Should Know (stereo alt remix) 25 The Fool On The Hill (Take 4 backing stereo mix) 26 I Am The Walrus (stereo alt remix)

DISC TWO: 01 Across The Universe (stereo alt remix) 02 The Inner Light (stereo alt remix) 03 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (stereo alt remix) 04 Only A Northern Song (emulated stereo with Anthology mix) 05 Glass Onion (combined mono - stereo remix) 06 Don't Pass Me By (stereo alt remix) 07 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (Rough mono remix) 08 Happiness Is A Warm Gun (stereo alt remix) 09 Blackbird (stereo alt remix) 10 Helter Skelter (Rough mono remix) 11 Long Long Long (stereo alt remix) 12 Cry Baby Cry/ Can You Take Me Back (stereo alt remix) 13 A Beginning/ Good Night (stereo alt remix) 14 Get Back (stereo alt remix) 15 I Me Mine (stereo alt remix) 16 I've Got A Feeling (stereo alt remix) 17 All Things Must Pass (stereo alt remix) 18 Come Together (stereo alt remix) 19 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (stereo alt remix) 20 Here Comes The Sun (stereo alt remix) 21 The End (The Beatles Mega-Mix) (stereo alt remix)