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THE BEATLES: MULTI-TRACK REMASTERS VOL.1 1962-66 2 CD New compilation by the latest Beatles remix & remastered sound source. The latest remix & remastered sound source that has been elaborated by careful work using multitrack sound source and many outtakes in the Beatles studio recording, different versions and different mixes includes 1962 “Love Me Do” through 1966! These sound fantastic - nice bass, interesting remixes where you will hear things that were buried in the mix, some with dry vocals, less instrumentation, and single vocal mixes, and more! 59 tracks!

DISC ONE: 01 Love Me Do (Pete Best Version) (remaster) 02 I Saw Here Standing There (center vocal) 03 Misery (split vocals in stereo) 04 Boys (Rockband remaster mono) 05 Please Please Me (alt stereo) 06 Do You Want To Know To Secret (Rockband remaster mono) 07 Twist And Shout (Rockband remaster mono) 08 From Me To You (remaster of mono-stereo combined) 09 Thank You Girl (stereo remaster) 10 She Loves You (stereo remaster) 11 I'll Get You (stereo remaster) 12 I Want To Hold Your Hand (stereo remaster w/o handclaps) 13 This Boy (Take 12/13) 14 Don't Bother Me (split vocals in stereo) 15 I Wanna Be Your Man (Rockband remaster mono) 16 Money (stereo w/o piano) 17 Long Tall Sally (stereo w/o piano) 18 Matchbox (stereo remaster) 19 Slow Down (stereo w/o piano) 20 Can't Buy Me Love (stereo alt remix) 21 You Can't Do That (remaster of mono-stereo combined) 22 A Hard Day's Night (stereo alt remix) 23 I Should Have Known Better (single vocal stereo remix) 24 If I Fell (stereo remix - Antholgy mix) 25 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You(single vocal stereo remix) 26 Anytime At All (single vocal stereo remix) 27 Things We Said Today (stereo remix - Antholgy mix) 28 I'll Be Back (stereo alt remix) 29 I Feel Fine (stereo alt remix) 30 She's A Woman (stereo alt remix) 31 Leave My Kitten Alone (backing track stereo)

DISC TWO: 01 Eight Days A Week (stereo alt remix) 02 Baby's In Black (single vocal stereo remix) 03 Rock And Roll Music (stereo remix - no piano) 04 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party (stereo alt remix) 05 Every Little Thing (stereo alt remix) 06 What You're Doing (stereo alt remix) 07 Bad Boy (backing track stereo) 08 Ticket To Ride (single vocal stereo remix) 09 That Means A Lot (stereo alt remix) 10 If You've Got Trouble (stereo alt remix) 11 I'm Down (stereo alt remix) 12 Help! (stereo alt remix) 13 The Night Before (stereo alt remix) 14 I Need You(single vocal stereo remix) 15 You're Gonna Lose That Girl (stereo alt remix) 16 Yesterday (stereo alt remix - no strings) 17 Dizzy Miss Lizzy (backing track stereo) 18 We Can Work It Out (stereo organ alt remix) 19 Day Tripper (stereo alt remix) 20 You Won't See Me (stereo alt remix) 21 Nowhere Man (split vocals in stereo) 22 Think For Yourself (Rough mono mix with chat) 23 The Word (Rough mono mix with John's vocal) 24 Run For Your Life (stereo alt remix) 25 Twelve-Bar Original (Take 2 mono) 26 Paperback Writer (alt mono mix) 27 Rain (Naked vocal and chorus stereo remix) 28 Void (Tomorrow Never Knows) (Orig demo with sound effects)