Beatles (2/Dvd) Magical Mystery Tour Film Outtakes

Beatles (2/Dvd) Magical Mystery Tour Film Outtakes
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Beatles (2/Dvd) Magical Mystery Tour Film Outtakes
In 2017 it is just 50 years anniversary from the magical mystery tour. Speaking of 50 years is half a century. In addition to feeling the speed of time flow, it is also surprising that two of the leading performers live. The history of about 50 years is long and heavy. It is hard to imagine that the Beatles who went away from the tour at the end of August 1966 will have less exposure to the people of the world other than records, and that some of the fans have had some kind of hunger. The Beatles side was also a time to seek something to replace the tour. Although it concentrates on recording, it is also religion, but the TV special number “Magical Mystery Tour” was also planned and produced mainly by Paul as a new attempt after the tour.

Originally it seems there was a tour around the sightseeing spot by taking a bus to the UK, it is probably like “Hato bus tour” in Japan. The concept of “Magical Mystery Tour” was a concept of getting inspired from there, making a magical tour that does not set the destination anyway by taking a bus. It is said that the method of exposing to the fans in the video work as it did not perform the live activity was a venue leading to Ed Sullivan Show and the subsequent get back session.

This work is a collection of out films of Magical Mystery Tour which was filmed in 1967. Naturally, video works are created by editing long film, there should be many outtake images that supported the finished work behind the scenes. Though they naturally do not leak out, it is probably the Beatles, so you can see unpublished, unedited parts, even if not all. Until now, I could see short snippets of outtake images, but they were just fragments and most of them did not find much documentary value. There was no title in the past that collectively collects outtake images.

First of all, the feature of this work is that the first appearing outtake images occupy a lot. While the main part is a video work of 55 minutes, this work is only outtake images, and images of about 100 minutes or less are recorded. Such an example is an impossible quantity in the world of at least general entertainment movies. In addition, in this work, apart from shooting for the work, I think that casts and staff shot, and also recorded home movies. Scenes to board the bus which you saw in the work, exchange with apple and a fat lady in the bus, scenes of spaghetti that visualized John’s dreams, unbelievable bus guides, marathons and tug-of-war scenes You can see the reverse side of the image in the form of an outtake image.

And another feature is that it is well organized at the shooting date and time. From the menu screen you can select the outtake image for each shooting date. At the same time, that scene also knows what day it was filmed. Of course, details of the shooting are now clear, and although it is possible to specify the date to a certain extent, this material is an appeal point with material value added that the shooting date is fixed to the actual image.

Beatles’ movie upset before then has been given the role of a protagonist in apple. And, other three members except apple have scenes of vocal songs which are called “showroom” though there is no wet place. Every one of them has a taste such as to be established as a promotion independently, and it is felt that the mysterious atmosphere covering the entire work is fully felt. George sings “Blue Jay Way”. This is a pretty scary video, you can see a scene substituting George for a cat, or a psychedelic “Strange Campaign” picture like the one apparently under the influence of drugs. It is a really esoteric and mysterious picture that sings while playing the chalk written on chalk on the ground of asphalt and finally ends with a bus creeping from behind, but it is probably such a drug. The scene of this “Blue Jay Way” is taken in the scene to be added further in November (of course, it is included in this work).

“I Am The Warlus” is one of the highlights of Magical, a mysterious image beauty is an excellent promotion clip that spectacularly visualized the view of the world that John’s mind is behind. In the place where the intro’s drum enters, Paul points to an apple, John is all over with a piano soak up, there are plenty of impressive scenes in either. As image effects and so on are also heavily used, there are many images of different shots and different angles, including the cliche at the beginning, I will see the outtake images like “I Am The Warlus” making. The editing is different in the original version and the anthology, and it is understood that the anthology is newly being reworked by inserting the out-take video recorded also in this work. In this work, parallel images which can compare it in multi view are also recorded.

And the impressive ending is the scene of “Your Mother Should Know”. It seems that a careful rehearsal was performed just as the movement of 4 people and scenes where many dancers appeared, and in this work there are scenes to be redone over and over again from the clapperboard. Although it can not deny the feeling that the tune is dark to decorate the last in the circle, it is also Paul’s intention. The scene which comes down from that staircase is not only from the front but also from the side and from the top, the camera is going around, you will be surprised that this scene was taken from various angles.

The scene of “The Fool On The Hill” is filmed after the ending ‘Your Mother Should Know’ schedule. Paul went to Nice in France alone and shooting was done. Paul’s sweet voice is perfect for pastoral songs. Moreover, the lyrics are very philosophical, and later Paul’s solo concert is a song that has long been in the set list. The appearance of jumping around the rocky place is impressive, but there are scenes that hopefully look like a beautiful city of Nice from other places, another shot, another angle also exists. Since we can also compare multi view and parallel images that can also be compared, I’d like you to compare it.

The main part of the disc 2 of the DVD contains the making documentary program produced in 2012. Cast performers reminisce at that time Paul and talk in an interview. It is a documentary with precious images of those days. In the second half, home movies are recorded. Just as the parties are shooting, they are capturing private moments that you normally do not see and are extremely interesting. It is interesting that you can see the scenery and the cityscape in 1967 in color. Also, because it is a silent picture due to the nature of the film, as a BGM, the audio of the radio special number broadcasted in 2012 is covered. This is also an interesting content that Paul and an apple are reminiscing about the time of filming and being interviewed.

DVD disc 1 contains outtake images of magical mystery tours. First appearance video There are a lot of recordings that were properly organized in order of shooting date. It covers not only film for filming but also image related to magical, including the home movie of that time thought that the performer shot. DVD disc 2 contains making documentary and home movies as well. For details, please refer to the track list. I think that the images related to magical are all covered with this work so it is perfect as a collection. DVD DISC ONE OUTTAKES 11 September 1967, London Bus Departure

12 September 1967 Plymouth Home Movies South West at Six Behind the Scenes

13 September 1967, Porth & Newquay Watergate Bay Deleted scenes and home movies Nat’s Dream Home Movies Nat’s Dream Unedited deleted scene Ringo and Jessie Scene 21A Take 1 & 2 Ringo and Jessie Scene 22A Take 1 & 2

14 September 1967, Newquay On The Bus Outtakes On the field Outtakes Atlantic Hotel Deleted Dinning Scene Atlantic Hotel Jessie on Drums

15 September 1967, Newquay & Taunton Crew and Actors Beatles on top of the bus Outtakes John and Nicola Outtakes Fish and Chips Outtakes Fish and Chips Deleted Scene Bus Singalong Take 8 Bus Singalong Take 9 Bus Singalong Take 10

18 September 1967, Walker’s Court, London Janice The Stripper/Death Cab For Cutie

19 – 21 September 1967, West Malling Air Station Tent theatre outtake Jessie’s Dream Blue Jay Way

22 September 1967, High Street, West Malling Ringo Buys Tickets

23 September 1967, West Malling Air Station The Marathon Victor Spinetti outtakes I Am The Walrus outtakes sequence #1 I Am The Walrus outtakes sequence #2 I Am The Walrus outtakes mix I Am The Walrus Film vs Anthology Multi View

24 September 1967, West Malling Air Station Ivor Cutler deleted scene Traffic deleted scene Your Mother Should Know Rehearsal Your Mother Should Know outtakes #1 Your Mother Should Know outtakes #2 End of the film sequence

30 October 1967, Nice, France Fool On The Hill #1 Fool On The Hill Film vs Outtake Multi View

31 October 1967, Nice, France Fool On The Hill #2

3 November 1967,Weybridge, Surrey Blue Jay Way additional scenes

21 November 1967, EDITING ROOM, London Norman’s Film Production

BONUS MOVIE Film Trailer Anthology Rough Cut BBC On The Record

DVD DISC TWO THE DOCUMENTARY 01. The Making of Magical Mystery Tour Special 02. 2012 Commercial 03. Mal Evans & Paul McCartney Home Movies 04. November 1966, Bordeaux, France, Portugal & Seville, Spain 05. November 1966, Kenya, Africa 06. April 1967, Denver, Colorado 07. April 1967, Blue Jay Way Home, Los Angeles, California Misterclaudel. MCCD-682/683