Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd) Love Songs Memorial Album Collection Special Collectors Edition

Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd)  Love Songs Memorial  Album Collection Special Collectors Edition
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Beatles (2/Cd/Dvd)  Love Songs Memorial  Album Collection Special Collectors Edition

After the dissolution of the Beatles in the 1970s, “Love Songs” released in 1977 following “Rock’n’ Roll Music” as a new editing album was released in 1977, and the original sound source 2CD with different mix and the first full song video visualization & Sound source comparison Audio album DVD is now available as a special collector’s edition! This album also uses a new remix sound source as well as “Rock’n’ Roll Music”, and this time the US and UK versions are different remix sound sources, and until now there was only a point of difference in the mix of several songs However, in reality, many songs cannot be overlooked as an interesting remix album that contains a mix different from the original sound source. CD1 includes all songs from the US Capitol original master with remixed sound sources. CD2 contains all original songs of the British original Parlophone original, which is a remixed sound source whose stereo channel is reversed from that of the US. Each is an analog sound source unique to the record era, which is different from the current official remastered sound source, and faithfully reproduces the different mix differences between the US and UK from the original master. The DVD contains a video album that visualizes all the songs in the album and an audio album that allows you to select the sound source comparison. In addition to the US and UK remix sound sources, the original stereo sound source that has not been remixed is also included. This is the best album that carefully selected mellow soft numbers with the opposite concept to rock and roll, but now it is a memorial album that has been discontinued as an edited album in the analog era and has become a collector’s item that has not been made into a CD. It is the definitive edition collector’s edition of the latest edition that reproduces the sound and image! [Collectors Point] “Love Songs,” which was released the following year following the 1976 edited album “Rock’n’ Roll Music”, was planned under the leadership of Japan and the United States as with the previous work, and this time without simply diverting the original stereo mix sound source of the past. A new remix sound source is used for this album. Similar to the previous work, there is no concrete description that George Martin was involved in all the songs, but a new remix sound source is used that dislikes the original stereo mix of the 60s, and this time the British version has stereo channels. It is known that some of the songs in “Rubber Soul” have been replaced with narrower mixes that are closer to the center, but the recordings in pseudo stereo are the same, but the rice of “This Boy” and “Yes It Is” is the same. It is a treasure trove of interesting mix differences, such as the difference between the UK and the US version, which is another mix of “The Long and Winding Road”, and many other songs have different stereo separations in the US and UK. CD1 contains a remixed sound source from the US Capitol board. CD2 contains the remixed sound source of the British parlophone board, and this time, it has been made into a CD with the latest restore & remaster that has been newly digitally converted from the analog master board and subjected to delicate noise removal and correction processing. For DVD, all song video images are created based on various video materials such as promotional videos and TV shows. This is the first video collection that you can enjoy as a video album you can listen to while watching. Furthermore, as a compare audio album, the audio reselection sound source of the United States and the British remix sound source is also switched by switching the audio selection, and the original stereo sound source which is not remixed is also recorded. With the playback function unique to DVD, it is also possible to listen to headphones and compare the difference in the mix by switching the sound, and it is understood that most of the songs on this album are original remix sound sources different from the original stereo mix. I will. The CD jacket reproduces the original Gold Gate embossed spread design of the original US version. The DVD jacket has US booklet design specifications. In addition, the limited postcard attached to the Premium Limited Edition of 2CD+1DVD reproduces the precious American original poster of 1977. This is the second installment of “Memorial Album Collection”, which is a collector’s noteworthy sound source comparative research material that pursued maniac’s precious edited album of the Beatles.