Beatles (2/Dvd) The Lost Hollywood Bowl Films

Beatles (2/Dvd) The Lost Hollywood Bowl Films
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Beatles (2/Dvd) The Lost Hollywood Bowl Films
■ Hollywood bowl related first appearance video collection ■ Improved image quality for each stage by new digital transfer ■ Colorize the main camera A ■ Another camera image first appearance ■ First appearance “Performance scene of Can not Buy Me Love” ■ First appearance Color image of August 30, 1965 ■ First Press Conference and Other Documentary Pictures

Mania necessity necessity From the M Claudel label, the Hollywood Bowl performance has already been released in a set of sound sources and images. However, those who are maniacs know that the first appearance images are discovered in a small amount after that. The live board of Hollywood bowl produced by Giles triggered, and the undisclosed video which was buried until that time is newly discovered irrespective of official informal formalities. But officially only live tone generator was announced, it has not been announced at all as video work. This work is the title which recorded the first appearance video which was excavated since the set of CD and DVD of M Claudel · label was released.

[August 23, 1964] Despite the fact that the Hollywood bowl has not officially announced the video work, it turned out that many cameras were arranged on the day. For the sake of convenience, the cameras A, B, C, D, and four types of cameras have been confirmed, and they were all recorded in M ​​Clodel’s previous set. However, this time, new images of cameras E, F, G, H and three new + 1 cameras were discovered. Speaking of 1964, it is Showa 44. In the concert of this era, it can not be forbidden to be surprised that it was actually taken with seven different cameras. In this work, firstly, the camera A of the previous generation is recorded. This is the longest stage recording camera, mostly the most popular thing that contains the whole picture of the concert. However, instead of reprinting the previous picture, we are doing a new digital transfer for this time. It is recorded for the first time with Master Quality, the image of Camera A, which had only been available on sources falling by as much as two ranks. In addition, I also want to pay attention also to the fact that the sound quality of the camera-recorded sound also improves. Furthermore, the color image of the camera A is collated. It is a moving color image of the Hollywood bowl which could only be seen in photos. Likewise, the images of Camera B and Camera C are also recorded with new digital transfer, and although there is not as long as Camera A, besides the scene where Beatles appears on the stage, “Twist And Shout” and ” She Loves You “scenes can be seen with significantly improved image quality than conventional ones.

And the first appearance this time is the image of three cameras E, F, G, H + 1 camera. Camera E is filmed like a documentary from the state around the Hollywood Bowl before the performance. It seems like the same as it is now, including the appearance of a Duffi shop figure and the sale of concert goods. And since the main enthusiastic audience is shooting during the concert, it is supposed to be some kind of news video camera. The wonderful aspect of this camera is that it includes for the first time a performance scene of “Can not Buy Me Love”. While playing “Can not Buy Me Love”, the appearance of the Beatles, which is moving on the stage, is captured with stable shots. The image of this camera E is its full length version which was also used for “EIGHT DAYS A WEEK”.

Camera F would also have been taken for news coverage. The flash is cooked in the darkening venue, and the appearance that the audience’s voltage rises in a stretch is reflected. The stage image of the undercard is also unusual, but the image capturing “All My Loving” from the front is wonderful. While short, “Boys” also captures the apple singing while striking the drum from the front. Camera G is a shot that captured the stage from the back of the hall. After all, the main tells the state of the enthusiastic audience, but the recording voice “Can not Buy Me Love” is included. For the sake of convenience, camera H is a high image quality version by another route of camera G, although it is short.

【30th August 1965】 In the previous set of M Claudel Label color images of August 29, 1965 were recorded. This work contains 2 kinds of color images of the next August 30 newly unearthed. For the sake of convenience, the one that was credited with # 2 is a picture from the right back of the stage, the beatles performance scene of the same military jacket as the stadium in addition to the undercard is captured in color. On the other hand, # 3 is captured in color by the performance of the undercard, which is an image from the left rear of the arena, and the appearance of the Beatles appearing and tuning. Although the performance song is unknown, Paul and George are wearing a chorus with one microphone, Paul moves like the body up and down, a state of bowing after playing are recorded. Both of these are precious color images that will be released for the first time this time. The last KABC FILM ARCHIVE contains off-stage Beatles documentary images. As soon as I arrived at the airport at Ross, I heard a busy schedule, including a press conference. Also recorded are images of when photographs in the garden of Ross who are left with many beautiful colors will have been taken.

【PRESS CONFERENCE etc】 Both are recording various documentary images and press conferences that will be released this time. August 18, 1964 The appearance of the fans waiting for the Beatles at Los Angeles airport is the same as the fans who are currently listening to Narita at Paul arriving in Japan. A press conference at a convenient place with only an office desk and pipe chair set in the airport suddenly. It is now unlikely that the four people are plummeting cigarettes from beginning to end. It is fascinating that reporters are getting a signature as they get confused by the press conference after the press conference. Anyway, the enthusiasm has begun from the arrival of the aircraft carrying the Beatles and comes down from the ramp, and the reporter to the girls of pretty Beatles fans at that time “Are you bothering your boyfriend so jealous? I’m asking questions such as.

August 23, 1964 is a press conference on the day of the concert. The Beatles who entered the press conference place at the beginning of Paul are lighting cigarettes at once. The scene that Paul ‘s cigarette gives George a fire with a lighter is just like a senior student of the sports day. The press conference on this day is left in color by another camera. Although there is no sound, in 1964 it is a rare color image. And on August 25, 1965, two days after Hollywood Bowl, the Beatles appeared at the premiere preview screening of the movie “HELP!” Of course the Beatles fan girls also surround the venue again. A press conference is held with the curtain “HELP” and movie titles being written large. Questioner who made the leading role “I will ask Mr. star of the most handsome member” would be rude. Even here Paul and John are smoking cigarettes. And the private 8 mm on August 26, 1964 is recorded as members and staff playing in some hotel pool.

【RELEASE Ads stc】 At the end of this work is recorded various songs of “LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL” by Giles Martin’s release released in 2016. In addition to recording “Boys” in color images that will be colored afterwards, it is a video work that collaborates the images of all over the nationwide tours in 1964 and conveys enthusiasm at the time. Especially, plenty of performance scenes with colors that have not been released until now are abundantly included, and it is a very fulfilling video work while digesting on the nature of CM.

【THE LOST HOLLYWOOD BOWL FILMS】 As mentioned above, this work complements the set of Hollywood bowl previously released by M Claudel, and recorded a number of images that were excavated later on 2 DVDs. Besides the main camera A in 1964, B and C are also newly digital-transferred to improve image quality and sound quality, as well as images of other cameras that will be released for the first time, The picture of “Can not Buy Me Love” is not an exaggeration to say that it is a major discovery. The picture of 1965 is precious thing which captured the stage with the first appearance color image of this again. Until other press conferences and private videos, images related to the Hollywood bowl, which will be released for the first time in this work, are not included in the analysis but are abundantly recorded.