Beatles (2/Cd) Live At The Hollywood Bowl New Remastered Stereo

 Beatles (2/Cd)  Live At The Hollywood Bowl New Remastered Stereo
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 Beatles (2/Cd)  Live At The Hollywood Bowl New Remastered Stereo
Hollywood bowl’s latest remaster stereo Completely recorded 1977 Martin board on August 23, 1964, August 29 & 30, 1965

The live album was not released in real time in the active days of the Beatles. Like the same year’s Rolling Stones released a cheer for a studio performance as a live board, as far as the studio in the equipment of the 1960s, there are technical restrictions to record performances at the live venue, release It seems that it was judged that it is impossible for it to do. Some local radio stations recorded like a whiskey flat and Sam Houston independently, but as a collector’s item, it is a mania who knows that it is not officially released quality.

Of course, there was a movement from that time to commercialize that enthusiasm and excitement, doing live activities that much, carrying out a large tour. The Beatles’ first tour in North America in 1964 has been live-recorded as experimentally as early as possible. That is the Hollywood Bowl performance on August 23, 1964. In addition, the Hollywood Bowl performance was recorded for two days in the second North American tour of 1965 the following year in 1965. Speaking of why it was recorded for the past two days was probably due to the fact that the release was premised on the ground in advance, but it was probably due to the trouble that Paul and George’s microphone was turned off for the first three songs on the first day. As a result, three performances in total, one in 1964 and two performances in Hollywood Bowl, were officially live recorded.

However, the tape at this time had been in storage for a long time. In the point that there is a problem with the quality, already the studio recording has been released, there was also concern that record which recorded the same song can not be sold, even though it is a live version. The monitor and speaker were not on the stage more than anything, while the 17,000 audience screamed, the Beatles members were playing with their sounds unable to be heard satisfactorily. It can also be said from Paul Paul’s question to the audience seating “Can you hear me?” Therefore, the Beatles were not released in the active era.

However, in the mid-seventies when recording about ten years passed since the recording, when the president of Capitol happened to listen to the live tape at this time again, judging that it was enough for release, asking George Martin to produce again , The project started again. At the same time there may have been a part against the fact that the live board of the 1962 Star Club, and the audience recording is released contrary to the will of the members of the Beatles. George Martin once moved the live tape recorded with just three tracks to a multitrack, picked the best track from the 1964 and 1965 concerts with different set lists, set the sound quality and be released to release . It was released in 1977 “Beatles Super Live! “. After ten years from the actual concert, although it was excerpt editing, it finally saw the sunshine eyes.

This Hollywood bowl ‘s live board has put a lot of effort into promotion, and there are also topics such as new scores other than the best board after Beatles’ dissolution, and they record a big hit all over the world. However, since the 1990s when the era shifted to CD, although there were many fans who wanted to make the CD into this Hollywood bowl, the original quality was still a problem and it was left untreated for a long time. In 1996, finally “Baby’s In Black” was made into the first CD by being coupled to a single “real love”, but still “LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL” remained unreleased. Currently produced by Giles Martin in 2016, 4 songs that had not been recorded were added and it was converted to CD as “Live at the Hollywood Bowl”. There was a consciousness that it was different from what my father produced 40 years ago, the jacket was renewed, presented as a new work remixed and remastered ahead of the original three tracks. In other words, it can be said that the 1977 “Beatles Super Live” produced by George Martin is still out of print. And for ancient fans, I think that sound, that mix seems nostalgic.

As mentioned earlier, two works of “Beatles Super Live” by father in 1977, “Live at the Hollywood Bowl” by son of 2016, although the original tape was the same, artwork , Mix is ​​recognized as a completely different work. And all that is common is that they are composed and edited from live tapes recorded in these three days on August 23, 1964, August 29, 1965, August 30, 1965 . In this work, each of these three days’ concerts was recorded independently by an unedited outflow sound board. Though the same content has been released in the past, this time I am proud that it is the best possible idea that was subjected to the latest remaster and minor modifications. [Hollywood Bowl August 23, 1964] It is a concert that has been releasing numerous releases since the analog era. In 1964, the first North American tour, which lasts for a long time, which takes a month, Montreal, Indianapolis, Whiskey Flat, Vancouver, etc. There are so many recordings as they have been drawing attention. They were all recorded by the local radio station as a record, probably did not know about the Beatles, they should have played without knowing that it was recorded. However, regarding the Hollywood Bowl performance, it is informed that live recording is done in advance, which can also be said to have led to a performance that can be heard in the recordings that are currently being preserved. Furthermore, because it is recorded with equipment premised on release, performance and sound quality are superb as it is not compatible with other remaining sound sources.

The moderator ‘s greetings before the concert started over 5 minutes and 40 seconds long. And the high count of Paul and the fierce “Twist And Shout” concert will start. John sometimes has a habit of pulling out his hand, but here I can see that he sings quite seriously. Paul’s tension height is also one of the listening points, and Paul is also screaming “Yeah!” By closing the song. In John ‘s song followed by “You Can not Do That”, Paul and George’ s chorus got hurt by John ‘s impressive force. The first MC is Paul. It is “All My Loving” that begins introducing “the song from the first capitol album” only to the American performance. Although I thought that it was overwhelming with the first two songs, I sing carefully with relatively calm singing, but after overnight I feel overheated singing again. Then John is in charge of MC and “She Loves You” starts. The part where the cheer becomes bigger and cheap according to the middle “Fu ~”, the evidence of what the Beatles’ performance played clearly was heard in the audience seems to be. MC’s turn around is George’s turn next. “Things We Said Today” begins, briefly stating only the main points whether it is nervous. I heard it singing politely with a low suppressed singing voice. Is Paul still shouting at the introduction part of middle? It is a truck that felt the enthusiasm at that time when cheers are raised according to the excitement of the song. Next, without “MC” “Roll Over Beethoven” performance. Concert is the only George’s vocal song. George is also rare to sing like this to run. And at the last coda chorus section, it is a pity that I want to sing Paul, but it is funny to put a chorus too hard again. Here Paul fuel seats. “I’d like you to participate in everyone in the venue next song, it’s pretty easy to hit your hands, ring your feet, do not mind being asked to make a noise as you like”, Make As much noise as you like “is borrowed from MC here. It is this “Can not Buy Me Love” that Paul who did not have screaming songs can sing unexpectedly. Paul will be able to slide a few good breaths aside as you can see here and this is a great singing. It is probably the best performance of “Can not Buy Me Love”.

Here George exchanged the guitar. John is able to catch a glimpse of ‘rashiness’ which can really afford, such as funny at the MC and playfully. Then move on to “If I Fell”. Although the chorus work is a beautiful song, here also the pole’s clattering condition is prominent. Even John of the main vocal is singing Paul as if the shadow becomes thin. And the concert will have a brilliancy with “I Want To Hold Your Hand” which would have been the most famous song at the time. The same song in Washington, DC, was also a wonderful gathering, but the performance here is not less than that. Whether there was something wrong on the stage, there will be a gap until we move on to the next song. There is a sound to confirm by hitting Mike with Jeongcheon, and you can see that John is aloud also in the middle of MC who probably was supposed to be in charge of Paul. And the only apple vocal song “Boys” to begin. While striking the drums, the apple ‘s crispness is quite funny. Besides, the chorus pole is cramped no less. This pole ‘s crispness lasts until the end. In the first half of “A Hard Day’s Night” thinking that John will sing at that rock and roll voice, in the scene where Paul from Wenan Ho appears, he will wait and perform a performance that exceeds it further . The same song in Paris in 1965 is also a wonderful version, but this 1964 Hollywood bowl performance is also one of the best performances. It is “Long Tall Sally” that concludes the concert. In “A Hard Day’s Night” Paul who was running in front and running in front, now has a song with a margin as if he misses finishing the concert. Young Paul’s singing voice that can freely manipulate elongated treble is really terrible. After the performance, enthusiasm and uncomfortable atmosphere surrounds the venue, and the audience is seeking an encore, “We want Beatles!” Of course the Beatles will not respond to it on security, but it’s like ending the excessive heat of the concert will last forever.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the Hollywood Bowl show on August 23, 1964 has long been popular as a collector’s item. But the thing recorded in this work is finished in the sound quality which makes a line with them. Although the conventional one was a sound image in which the vocal was strong and dry sound quality and it was a sound image which seemed to float compared to the performance, this work electrically disassembles the song and the performance, subjects each to mastering, then Is adopted as a method to reconstruct. For that reason it is like a very well-balanced “live album”. I think whether you can understand how the sound quality of this work is better than if you listen to the sound of spreading, stereophonic feeling, balance, and sound quality better than anything else. [Hollywood Bowl Performance on August 29, 1965] The 1965 Hollywood Bowl show is recorded for two days, August 29th and 30th. The 1965 North American tour said that enthusiasm was also settled somewhat compared to the previous year, but a large venue such as a stadium was chosen to avoid the overcrowding schedule like the previous year and to mobilize large numbers with a small number of performances It can be said that it is a feature. The first day sharing stadium and so on will be their symbol. However, in Los Angeles

DISC ONE HOLLYWOOD BOWL LOS ANGELES CA U.S.A. AUGUST 23, 1964 01. Introduction 02. Twist And Shout 03. You Can’t Do That 04. All My Loving 05. She Loves You 06. Things We Said Today 07. Roll Over Beethoven 08. Can’t Buy Me Love 09. If I Fell 10. I Want To Hold Your Hand 11. Boys 12. A Hard Day’s Night 13. Long Tall Sally

“LIVE AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL” 1977 RELEASE VERSION RE-MASTER 14. Twist And Shout 15. She’s A Woman 16. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 17. Ticket To Ride 18. Can’t Buy Me Love 19. Things We Said Today 20. Roll Over Beethoven 21. Boys 22. A Hard Day’s Night 23. Help 24. All My Loving 25. She Loves You 26. Long Tall Sally

DISC TWO HOLLYWOOD BOWL LOS ANGELES CA U.S.A. AUGUST 29, 1965 01. Introduction 02. Twist And Shout 03. She’s A Woman 04. I Feel Fine 05. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 06. Ticket To Ride 07. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 08. Can’t Buy Me Love 09. Baby’s In Black 10. I Wanna Be Your Man 11. A Hard Day’s Night 12. Help 13. I’m Down

HOLLYWOOD BOWL LOS ANGELES CA U.S.A. AUGUST 30, 1965 14. Introduction 15. Twist And Shout 16. She’s A Woman 17. I Feel Fine 18. Dizzy Miss Lizzy 19. Ticket To Ride 20. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby 21. Can’t Buy Me Love 22. Baby’s In Black 23. I Wanna Be Your Man 24. A Hard Day’s Night 25. Help 26. I’m Down