Beatles (2/Cd) Grow Old With Me The Alternative Beatles AI Collection

Beatles (2/Cd) Grow Old With Me The Alternative Beatles AI Collection
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Beatles (2/Cd) Grow Old With Me The Alternative Beatles AI Collection
AI Remix and Demix Reconstruction / Remasters 2023 original collector's edition compiled by DAP ℗ 2023 digital archives promotion

Included are new remixes of "Grow Old With Me," "Now and Then," "Free As A Bird," and "Real Love," which were candidates for new songs but never materialized. Solo and unreleased songs from 1970 onward are remixed using the latest AI sound source analysis and recreated as Beatles' versions. The sound sources were reconstructed with multi-track demixes based on the original sound sources. This is a collection of remixes with a higher degree of perfection that are all separate from the first release, "Now and Then: The Beatles AI Collection [DAP-B078CD1/2]".

The Beatles' last new song "Now and Then," which was completed in 2023 using the latest AI technology, has been the talk of the town. The Beatles' remixes of solo and unreleased songs since their breakup in 1970 have been re-created as Beatles' versions. Unlike the virtual versions, these remixes feature the main vocals of the original recordings, while the guitars, bass, drums, and chorus are reconstructed to create the Beatles' version. This second album, following the first "Now and Then: The Beatles AI Collection," is a concept album titled "Grow Old With Me," which was considered a candidate for a new song in the anthology project, as well as "Now and Then. The album also includes hybrid versions of "I'm the Greatest" by John and Ringo and "Wish for Tomorrow" by George and Ringo, as well as previously unreleased Beatles songs such as "Watching Rainbows," "Sour Milk Sea," "Madman," "Free as a Bird," "Real Love" and the much-talked about "Now and Then. The remixes are all newer and more complete than those on the first release. This is the latest collector's item of the latest AI sound source collection that has achieved further evolution and realized the dream collaboration of The Beatles.

CD1 1. GROW OLD WITH ME john lennon 2. FREE AS A BIRD john lennon 3. I'M THE GREATEST ringo starr / john lennon 4. MY SWEET LORD george harrison 5. MAYBE I'M AMAZED paul mccartney 6. WELL WELL WELL john lennon 7. JUNK paul mccartney 8. I LOST MY LITTLE GIRL john lennon 9. OH MY LOVE john lennon 10. ADAGIO (PIANO COMPOSED) paul mccartney 11. BACK SEAT OF MY CAR paul mccartney 12. EARLY 1970 ringo starr

CD2 1. REAL LOVE john lennon 2. IT DON'T COME EASY ringo starr / george harrison 3. WATCHING RAINBOWS john lennon 4. EVERY NIGHT paul mccartney 5. SOUR MILK SEA george harrison 6. MADMAN john lennon 7. GOODBYE paul mccartney 8. JEALOUS GUY john lennon 9. INDIA, INDIA john lennon 10. RETURN TO PEPPERLAND paul mccartney 11. AS TIME GOES BY john lennon 12. GROW OLD WITH ME (REPRISE) john lennon 13. NOW AND THEN (I DON'T WANT TO LOSE YOU) john lennon