Beatles (2/Cd) The Evolution Of Free As ​​A Bird And Real Love

 Beatles (2/Cd) The Evolution Of Free As ​​A Bird And Real Love
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 Beatles (2/Cd) The Evolution Of Free As ​​A Bird And Real Love
The so-called reunion boom comes regularly. Former bands have broken up for some reason and reunited after several decades. There will be pleasures of feeling nostalgia and maturity there, but it is difficult to find meaning beyond sentimental. It is undeniable that there are a few prejudices that reorganization is a cheesy thing that commercialism is obscurity against the background. Of course there are also meaningful reunions inside. For example, it seems that it was very meaningful that Hinomaru Hitomi reunited with the members for the first time in 30 years and reunited The Tigers. Still thought that only the Beatles would not reunite. I could not find the significance of reuniting and it was thought impossible to use the word rebuilding as long as 4 people did not complete it. So it was probably a welcome but complicated feeling that fans of the time announced new songs as Beatles along with Anthology project in 1995.

The rumor that there is a plan to leave the history of the Beatles from the early period was whispered and it was planned even as the title of the documentary titled “THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD”, eventually entered the store as well. “SESSIONS” which gathered unreleased songs and unreleased versions progressed to just before the release, but it was still in stock. Easy planning is not allowed as things are only the Beatles, and in the process of projects progressing carefully including members, we have repeatedly disappeared as planning has steadily increased like this. However, they were not wasteful work. A documentary that is unreleased songs, studio outtakes, Masashi Nariko, a project that was born like a bubble (Utakata) and that had disappeared was realized as a project that consolidated everything, that was realized in the mid 90’s Anthology “was.

It was a Beatles that was not broken up because of a good relationship, but why did the story go on at a stretch this time of the 1990s? Paul has just undergone a world tour in 1990 and 1993. A few years have passed since the all star band began the apple. George got a comeback hit in 1987, and in 1991 he is only doing a tour in Japan. It will not be a coincidence that each time they come back to the stage that was long apart. As a musician, it is first mentioned that member relationships that were in a hierarchical relationship have become equal with true confidence as the confidence of the success of solo activities. Moreover, each member may have become a feeling of wanting to enter the summary of life after being over 50 years old. It is also great that John had entered the ruling party who probably would have opposed first if it was alive. And it was not an exaggeration to say that the big rocks which did not make tremors until then had moved as the relationship between Paul and George was finally restored. Regarding this point, there is evidence that Paul has made a substantial concession such as recording the instrument of “WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU” on CD (although it is showing the intention to record the instrument of “ELEANOR RIGBY” at most by Barter) .

The anthology project started with Yoko and the outsiders did not say anything, the other members produced only by a really close person such as Neil Aspinol, and three people gathered in the studio for the first time after the Beatles were dissolved I think that the historical fact of success was a factor. George Martin has already suffered from hearing loss at this time, soon after, Linda and George enter the ritual. Now Neil Aspinol is not in this world. It was realized at the timing that it was exactly this time. Two new songs became an eyeball project as a symbol of anthology project.

【FREE AS ​​A BIRD】 It is the new song for 25 years since “LET IT BE”. Until then it was impossible to reunite the Beatles, John did not say that it is impossible for each member to say that the sound of the recording of John’s life before the new songs as a Beatles name In other words, it means that we have reunited. It is not clear when and what idea this idea was made. In any case, Paul asked Yoko whether there was an unreleased song and started receiving that the tape was offered. Originally produced by George Martin, he was declined due to aging and hearing loss, and Jeff Lin was in charge of it instead. Jeff, who was a big fan of the Beatles, dared to contribute to the project by daring his own color differently from Martin. Paul also initially showed a disappointing appearance for the slide / guitar which George likes very much, but in the end it is accepting. That is, it was presented as a song as a new Beatle that is not a reproduction of the former Beatles. In this work, I think that it was first offered to Paul starts with John’s demonstration sound source. This demonstration sound source is a recording of 1977, it is a simple thing John sings while playing the piano. The middle part is still incomplete and song lyrics are shed in a song. It was recorded simply by placing a recorder on the piano, and it was recorded in a track together with vocals and pianos, and it does not exit the domain of exactly the demo sound source, but as it is completed as a new song Jeff’s skill that he made should be evaluated more.

For convenience, the version that is regarded as FIRST VERSION corresponds to track 3 to track 11 of disk 1. Track 4 is a simple demonstration of John with only basic tracks superimposed on it, the original piano is erased and John’s vocals are processed further. At the stage of John’s demonstration, the incomplete middle part is newly added, and Paul and George share vocals, respectively. Perhaps temporary placement Paul and George’s vocals are recorded as they are live voice, which makes us feel the difference in age between John and other members at the time of recording. Since there is no chorus and the last coda part is not added, it can be said that this is an extremely early version. Guitar and chorus are added to track 7, but songs are not included in the middle part, and guitar riffs are finally rejected, and in the release version it can not be heard is there. The coder part by ukulele at the end of the song is a combination of another recording that was recorded separately, but here only three versions of that part are recorded. From the speech you can see that ukulele is by George’s hand.

Subsequently, tracks 12 to 19 are SECOND VERSION. Of course the basic demo portion of John is common, but Paul and George’s vocals are separate take. Especially for tracks 17 and 18, George’s vocals are totally different different things from the difference of singing and it is very interesting. Although this SECOND VERSION was not finally released, it is done to the final mix as a complete form neatly. That is track 19.

【REAL LOVE】 “REAL LOVE” was released as the second release of the new song for the first time in 25 years. Recording has been completed by processing John’s demo in the same way as “FREE AS ​​A BIRD” and overlapping other members. This song itself was pretty famous as John ‘s unreleased song before the release, already a demo version was recorded on the soundtrack of the movie “Imagine” in 1989. When this song was chosen as the second bullet of the new song, it was enough songs to make mania feel that there is no other material anymore. But when you listen to it actually, Jeff’s skill, which made the original demo to such final form, can only be described as superb. Also, the difference from “FREE AS ​​A BIRD” is that John is the main vocal, and Paul and George are dedicated to chorus.

“FREE AS ​​A BIRD” has only two take-away sound sources left, but “REAL LOVE” is probably John’s own memories, there are quite a lot of demonstration takes. Originally lyrics were called “GIRLS AND BOYS”, but on tracks 23 to 26 of disc 1 it is titled “REAL LIFE”. “REAL LIFE” is a song that mixed “I’M STEPPING OUT” and “REAL LOVE” that was announced after death, and later diverted only “” REAL LOVE-like parts “from here The tracks 1 to 4 of Disc 2 are the same demo sound source, but the song is perfectly completed as “REAL LOVE”. With Paul and George do not have any hands, it is nodding that you made use of the melody as it is, including the phrases of the piano.

From track 5, I will switch to a studio session in 1994 by all the members, not John alone. Personally, I’m curious that John ‘s voice is raised unnaturally due to raising the keys, but since this is also the choice of the Beatles, I should respect it. Tracks 5 to 10 are different versions that are credited with FIRST VERSION for convenience. Track 5 is a basic track mainly composed of harpsichord. In track 6, the intro’s harpsichord is completely different, and the guitar was not finally adopted. Listening to the release version, the difference is clear in the familiar ear, and it is a take that receives a considerably different impression. It is unknown what kind of intention was recorded, but track 10 is the version sung by Kevin Godley of Godley & Claims. Because Kevin Godley is the director of “REAL LOVE” promotion film, it is probably what he recorded himself in the video production temporary restrictions.

Tracks 11 to 14 are SECOND VERSION. It is basically the same as it is made from the same John demonstration sound source, but there is a big difference in the instrumental part, which is also interesting. Truck 11 is a basic track overlaid on John’s demonstration, and the portion where guitar solos are superimposed originally has not been entered yet, and it has become a hobby like a harpsichord solo. Guitar is superimposed on track 12, and it is finished to be able to be inferior to the finished form. It should be noticed that the guitar was a thing that I never heard before. Surely the tone that puts the phrase in accord with abruptly is a snake feet, and it was the right choice that was finally cut.

【NOW AND THEN and GROW OLD WITH ME】 Anthology CD was released from Vol. 1 to Vol 3, but new songs were recorded as Volume 1 and Vol. 2, respectively, whereas Vol. 3 had a new song It was not recorded. The Beatles’ new songs for the first time in 25 years will be “FREE AS ​​A BIRD” and “REAL LOVE” only. Of course, the third new song was also being considered. Two candidates included in the candidate are “NOW AND THEN” and “GROW OLD WITH ME”. “NOW AND THEN” has been told that employment has been suspended for the reason of noise entering through all the time. Why “GROW OLD WITH ME” has been sent off is unknown, is not it a major reason why things already in “MILK AND HONEY” have already established in the world?

【THREETLES SESSION】 Was not it a shot that Paul, George and Ringo had met together in the same frame that saw the first time in the video version of the anthology? Especially Paul and George

DISC ONE FREE AS A BIRD DEMOS 01. Demo Take 1 02. Demo Take 3

FIRST VERSION 03. Paul, George and Ringo working 04. Basic Track over John’s demo 05. Bass track 06. Drums and Guitars 07. Guitar Riffs overdubs + backing vocals, no vocal bridges

REPRISE CODA 08. George Harrison & Jeff Lynne recording ukuleles 09. Layer 1 10. Layer 2 11. Layer 3

SECOND VERSION 12. Basic Track 13. Guitar Riffs

REPRISE CODA 14. Turned Out Nice Again Layer 1 15. Layer 2 16. Layer 3 17. Harrison Vocal Track 1 18. Harrison Vocal Track 2 19. Final Mix Unreleased Version

REAL LOVE THE DEMOS 20. Baby Make Love To You 21. Girls and Boys #1 22. Girls and Boys #2 23. Real Life Take 1 24. Real Life Take 2 25. Real Life Take 3 26. Real Life Take 4 27. Girls and Boys #3 28. Girls and Boys Take 4 29. Girls and Boys Take 5 30. Girls and Boys Take 6

DISC TWO THE DEMOS 01. Real Love Take 1 02. Real Love Take 3 & 4 03. Real Love Take 5 04. Real Love Take 5 Overdubs

FIRST VERSION 05. Basic Track 06. Organ + First Electric Guitar 07. Organ + Second Electric Guitar 08. George and Paul backing vocals 09. Bass track 10. Rough Mix Kevin Godley Vocal

SECOND VERSION 11. Basic Track over John’s demo 12. Acoustic Guitar +Alternate guitar riffs #1 13. Electric guitar riffs #2 14. Final Alternate Mix

NOW AND THEN 15. Now And Then Demo 16. Now And Then 1995 Mix

GROW OLD WITH ME 17. Grow Old With Me Demo) 18. Grow Old With Me 1995 Mix

THREETLES SESSION FRIAR PARK STUDIO June 23, 1994 19. Raunchy 20. Thinking Of Linking 21. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 22. Baby What Do You Want Me To Do 23. I Will 24. Dhera Duhn 25. Ain’t She Sweet

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