Beatles (2 Cds) You Know What To Do

Beatles (2 Cds) You Know What To Do
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Beatles (2 Cds) You Know What To Do
THE BEATLES You Know What To Do 2 CDS Japan Release New release from 2012 - of collected new finds and upgrades. There are some nice finds here and some that have already bee out for awhile, just collected by one Japanese collector on this 2 CD set - I am offereing since it does have new material and its a neat compilation.

DISC ONE: Demo Session Tape, EMI Studio 2, 5:30pm-9:30am, 1964-06-03 01. You Know What To Do

Live at Granada Cinema, Walthamstow, London 1963-05-24 02. Please Please Me 03. Some Other Guy

“Sunday Night At The London Palladium” Live at The London Palladium, 1963-10-13 04. Introduction 05. From Me To You 06. I’ll Get You 07. She Loves You 08. Twist And Shout 09. Outroduction

“The Royal Variety Performance” Live at The Prince Of Wales Theatre, 1963-11-4 *Optical soundtrack from film recording 10. ATV ident and Twist and Shout extract 11. Harry Secomben 12. From Me To You 13. Introduction 14. She Loves You 15. Introduction 16. Till There Was You 17. Introduction 18. Twist And Shout 19. Joe Loss and his Orchestra 20. Dickie Henderson

*New upgraded audio from original off-air recording 21. Introduction 22. Till There Was You 23. Introduction 24. Twist And Shout

“It’s The Beatles”Live at The Empire Theatre, Liverpool Mix from newly-discovered off-air audio 1963-12-07 25. Prelude / From Me To You 26. I Saw Her Standing There 27. Introduction 28. All My Loving 29. Introduction 30. Roll Over Beethoven 31. Introduction 32. Boys 33. Introduction 34. Till There Was You 35. She Loves You 36. Introduction 37. This Boy 38. I Want To Hold Your Hand 39. Introduction 40. Money 41. Twist And Shout 42. From Me To You (instrumental)

Promotional Recordings for The Radio Station, 1964-02-07 43. John, Joe & Jack Sing - Stick Around With The Good Guys 44. John Nominates A Winner 45. Ringo Nominates A Good Guy 46. John, Joe & Jack Sing - Good Guys Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! 47. John - Stick Around For Harry Harrison 48. John - Stick Around For Johnny Dark 49. John - Stick Around For Dan 50. John - Stick Around For Jack Spector 51. John - Stick Around For BMR 52. John - Stick Around For Joe O’Brien 53. John Thanks Jack Spector 54. John - Good Guy Mania 55. Ringo & John - How Do These Good Guys Do It 56. John Thanks The Good Guys

Rockband Instrumentals 1965 57. Think For Yourself - Backing Track 58. Run For Your Life - Backing Track

DISC TWO: Interview in New York, 1964-02-09 01. I Want To Hold Your Hand

Live at Washington Coliseum Washington DC from Video Master, 1964-02-11 02. Introduction 03. Roll Over Beethoven 04. From Me To You 05. I Saw Her Standing There 06. This Boy 07. All My Loving 08. I Wanna Be Your Man 09. Please Please Me 10. Till There Was You 11. She Loves You 12. I Want To Hold Your Hand 13. Twist And Shout 14. Long Tall Sally 15. Outroduction

Intervew in Washington DC, 1964-02-11 16. More Talking Guitar Blues

Intervew in London, 1964-04-01 17. We Could Never Walk Down This Street Before / From Me To You

Live in Glasgow, 1964-04-30 18. I’m Happy Just To Dance With You

Interview in Hong Kong, 1964-06-10 19. Waltzing Matilda / Tie Me kangaroo Down, Sport / We Can Never Walk Down Street

Live at Adelaide from Upgade Source, 1964-06-12 20. I Want To Hold Your Hand 21. Till There Was you

Radio Interview in Sydney, 1964-06-18 22. From Me To You (By Kazoo Playing)

Radio Interview on Flight New Zealand, 1964-06-21 23. Paul Singing

Interview in Auckland, New Zealand, 1964-06-26 24. You Know What To Do / Don’t Pass Me By

“Top Gear” BBC Radio Program, 1964-07-14 25. Don’t Pass Me By

Interview in Los Angles, 1964-08-25 26. John and Paul Talk and Sing With Playing Piano

KABC TV Interview in Los Angles, 1964-08-26 27. Sing Back in Ringo Interview (Sound quality is not so good)

Press Conference in Indianapolis, 1964-09-03 28. You Know What To Do

Interview in Montreal, 1964-09-08 29. She’s Not There

Press Conference in Pittsburgh, 1964-09-14 30. Every Little Thing

Press Conference in Dallas, 1964-09-18 31. I’m A Loser

Radio Luxembourg Interviews, 1965-04 32. Bell of The Ball / Am Sonntag

Ringo Interview in London, 1965-04-09 33. It’s My Party

Interview in London, 1965-04-** 34. Komm Gib Mir Diene Hand

Interview in San Francisco, 1965-08-31 35. San Francisco Bay Blues

“The Kenny Everett Show”, 1968-02-04 36. Strawberry Fields Forever

Rishikesh, India, 1968-03-14 Narrated by Radio & TV host Wolfman Jack 37. Indian Rope Trick (AKA Thank You Guru Dev) / Happy Birthday Mike Love

“Bed-In” Montreal, 1969-06-01 38. The Ballad Of John & Yoko

“Scene And Heard”, 1969-10-08 39. Yes It Is (George sings)

“Scene And Heard”, 1969-10-19 40. Octopus’s Garden (By George, lyrics only)

“CKLW-AM Detroit”From Get Back Acetate and others, 1969-12-** 41. Let It Be / John & Yoko “Wedding Album” Commercial / News Report about John’s Visit to Toronto