Beatles (2 Cds) From The Basement

Beatles (2 Cds) From The Basement
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Beatles (2 Cds) From The Basement
THE BEATLES FROM THE BASEMENT Boardroom Tapes 2 CD Here is the long-awaited collaboration between Darthdisc and Helter Skelter Records... From The Basement To The Boardroom. This 2CD set contains the first 'Sessions' compilation from 1984, originally called 1,2,3,4!, as well as a newly remastered version of The Boardroom Tape and The Cavern Rehearsals. The 1,2,3,4! Tape has been previewed on several of the Helter Skelter Back To Basics sets, but is presented here for the very first time in complete form - including some interesting edits between tracks. This is EMI's first attempt at a compilation of unreleased tracks, and things didn't really change too much when they butchered all of those tracks making Anthology 10 years later! This collection of rare tracks is presented remastered from tape source, phase, pitch, level and drop out repaired - in all of it's crazy EMI inspired glory. The Boardroom Tape as you know contains some very rare tracks, and is presented for the first time in phase and in proper mono - sounding better than ever before. Also, many of the technical faults have been addressed, making this offline tape more listenable than previous incarnations. Again, this was done from the original tape source. As for the Cavern Rehearsals, these have been remastered from the best available source (which was originally the Purple Chick source until I discovered that it was from compressed 320 mp3 source - I then traced this back to the original source discs) drop-out, pitch, phase and level repaired. I have also done the best job possible to repair ISHST from the basement tape which was pretty rough, I hope this is now a little more palatable. 29 fine tracks in total on 2CDs...

DISC ONE: 01 - Christmas Time Is Here Again (Intro) 02 - Come and Get It 03 - Leave My Kitten Alone 04 - Not Guilty 05 - Im Looking Through You 06 - Whats The New Mary Jane 07 - How Do You Do It 08 - Besame Mucho 09 - One After 909 10 - That Means A Lot 11 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps 12 - Mailman Blues 13-14 - Ob La Di Ob La Da_Christmas Time (Reprise)

DISC TWO: 01 - Leave My Kitten Alone (Boardroom) 02 - One After 909 (Boardroom) 03 - If Youve Got Trouble (Boardroom) 04 - That Means A Lot (Boardroom) 05 - Christmas Time Is Here Again (Boardroom) 06 - Come and Get It (Boardroom) 07 - Rip It Up - Shake Rattle and Roll (Boardroom) 08 - Kansas City medley (Boardroom) 09 - Not Fade Away medley (Boardroom) 10 - Dig A Pony fragments (Boardroom) 11 - I Saw Her Standing There (Cavern Rehearsal) 12 - One After 909 - i (Cavern Rehearsal) 13 - One After 909 - ii (Cavern Rehearsal) 14 - Catswalk - i (Cavern Rehearsal) 15 - Catswalk - ii (Cavern Rehearsal)