Beatles (2/Dvd) The Big Beat Of The Beatles

Beatles (2/Dvd) The Big Beat Of The Beatles
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Beatles (2/Dvd) The Big Beat Of The Beatles

Panorma Brian Epstein Special, Scala Theatre outtakes, Amer Bandstand, more filming of the miovie raw footage,

Australia House, Foyles Luncheon, Glasgow visit with Roundup interview and more! The BEST NME concert ever too!

Plus UK edit of Big Night Out - diff & longer intro, diff edits between songs and diff ending! No time code!

Remastered 2015 upgrade! Color corrected which makes BIG difference, plus processed in the highest quality now - example:

8000 is highest level of NO compression which enhances the video - older discs were at 4000-5000. Now these remasters are at

the top at 8000. Plus upgraded technology enhances the video, and all corrected new audio! 90 minutes - upgrades and new finds

for the first time on disc! Approx 130 minutes 40 chapters



01 March 30: Brian Epstein & The Beatles - Panorama - BBC-TV Special

02 March 31: Scala Theatre, London - ITN - French Newsreel

03 Concert Scene Raw Footage - Scala Theatre, London - ITN - BBC - UA

04 You Can't Do That

05 Tell Me Why (stereo) - MPI LD

06 If I Fell (stereo)

07 I Should of Known Better (stereo)

08 She Loves You (fake stereo)

09 April 3: Filming The Trailer - Twickenham Film Studios, London

10 Interview - Twickenham Film Studios, London - Star Parade Tyne Tees TV aired the 9th

11 April 5-12: More Filming - Marylebone Station, London - UA Footage

12 April 15: Paul Interview - Television Centre, London - A Degree of Frost - aired on May 18th

13 April 17: Ed Sullivan interview - Les Ambassadeurs, London

14 Filming of the dance sequence at the Hotel - MPI LD stereo mixes

15 April 18: American Bandstand - Beatles Edition

Footage from February 7th and teens dance and rate Beatles records!


01 April 20: Ringo and Georges Flat Raided London - ITN News

02 April 22: Promoting Aussie Tour - Australia House, London - BBC News

03 Australia House, London - AP News

04 Australia House, London - NBC News Raw Footage

05 April 23: Foyles Luncheon - Dorchester Hotel, London - BBC News

06 Foyles Luncheon - Dorchester Hotel, London - ITN News

07 Can't Buy Me Love - New scenes filmed at Thornbury Playing Fields, Isleworth

March 17 with John at London Gatwick Airport, Crawley - MPI Stereo

08 April 26: New Musical Express Pollwinners Concert -

Empire Pool, Wembley - Aired on May 10,1964

Introductions with Jimmy Saville and Murray the K

09 She Loves You

10 You Can't Do That

11 Twist and Shout

12 Long Tall Sally

13 Can't Buy Me Love

14 Awards - ending

15 Alternate Version 1:

She Loves You/ You Can't Do That

16 Alternate Version 2:

She Loves You/ You Can't Do That

17 Alternate Version 3:

She Loves You/ You Can't Do That

18 NME Awards - BBC News

19 Cliff Top Solo Star - NME Awards - Pathe Newsreel

20 April 29: Madame Tussauds - London - BBC-UA Footage

21 London Gatwick Airport, Crawley

22 April 30: Roman Camp Hotel - Callander, Scotland - Theatre Royal

23 Interview - Theatre Royal, Glasgow - Roundup STV

24 Odeon Cinema - Glasgow


Feb 23: Big Night Out with Mike and Bernie Winters

Studio 1, Teddington Studio Centre

UK TV Versiion Edit - diff and longer beginning and ending

05 Comedy Sketch with the Beatles

06 All My Loving

07 Comedy Sketch with the Beatles

Jackie Trent

08 I Wanna Be Your Man

Lionel Blair Dancers

09 Till There Was You

10 Please Mr. Postman

11 I Want to Hold Your Hand