Beatles (2/Cd) Anthology Complete Works 2

Beatles (2/Cd) Anthology Complete Works 2
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Beatles (2/Cd) Anthology Complete Works 2
Anthology that traces the history of the Beatles is newly released as a new editing expansion revised version “Complete Works” series! The latest definitive edition of the rare sound source collection with greatly upgraded contents including the first appearance sound source! !! 2nd [Original press board imported directly from overseas]

★ Typical studio outtakes & demos / live concerts have been greatly expanded. Recorded with the latest upgrade remaster by new editing with a different sound source from the original! ★ Many monaural sound sources are recorded in the first appearance version converted to real stereo by the latest AI sound source analysis! ★ Newly edited and revised version with additional recordings of sound sources newly excavated after 1995 and officially unrecorded sound sources.

“The Beatles Anthology”, which traces the history from before the formation of The Beatles to its dissolution in chronological order with rare sound sources and live performances, is a documentary composed of video images, books, and three-part albums in 1995.・ Announced as a project. The three-part album will be released mainly on numerous studio outtakes, demo sound sources, live sound sources of existing TV broadcasts and concerts, and a new song “Free as” based on the sound source left by John Lennon.・ “A Bird” and “Real Love” were also recorded and attracted worldwide attention. Three kinds of VOL.1 to 3 were released in sequence on 2CD, including the first appearance sound source and unreleased songs that were not known until then, and the Beatles collector was also shocked and attracted attention at that time. Since then, the discovery of sound source sources has progressed over the past 20 years, and many sound sources, including sound sources that were not recorded in 1995, have evolved to be closer to the original sound, unedited, and the sound source quality has improved. doing. In addition, the remastering technology has improved and the sound quality has been further improved. Attempts that have never been seen in the past are evolving, such as the conversion of monaural sound sources to real stereo by the latest AI sound source analysis. “Complete Works” is basically re-edited based on the best sound source at the moment while following the original anthology trilogy. Furthermore, it is an expanded and revised version with longer episodes and versions than the original. Not only is the content significantly increased compared to the original, but the difference in sound quality that has been updated can be seen by listening to it. As a sound source collection that traces the history of The Beatles in chronological order, it covers all the basic rare sound sources and additionally records new excavated sound sources, making it a highly recommended attention series that can be said to be the latest edited version that is also ideal for collectors’ introductory editions. I am.

[Contents of Anthology Complete Works 2] CD1 started from a live performance on Swedish TV, which was the first expedition in 1963. The original monaural sound source is converted to real stereo and the sound quality is upgraded. “Royal Variety Performance”, which can be said to be a historical live sound source, includes all songs including original cut songs. “Long Tall Sally” in Washington DC, which was discovered later, and unrecorded songs of Around the Beatles are also added. The outtakes that were monaural in the session sound source of the album “A Hard Days Night” have been upgraded to real stereo, and the demos of this period “What Goes On”, “World Without Love”, and “One.” Also includes “And One Is To” and “It’s For You”, albeit fragmentarily. “You Know What to Do” is stereo. CD2 includes all songs of the Hollywood Bowl in 1964. This is based on an original acetate sound source that is different from the official remaster. The outtakes of the latter half of the album “Beatles for Sale” session have also been replaced from monaural to real stereo, and the sound quality itself has improved. It contains outtakes that didn’t even use the last ’64 Christmas message.

CD1 1. I SAW HER STANDING THERE 2. LONG TALL SALLY (stereo) Live on “Drop In” TV Stockholm, Sweden 30 october 1963 3. FROM ME TO YOU 4. SHE LOVES YOU 5. TILL THERE WAS YOU 6. TWIST AND SHOUT Live on “Royal Variety Performance” at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London 4 november 1963 7. THIS BOY 8. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND 9. “Boys, what I was thinking…” 10. MOONLIGHT BAY Live on “Two Of A Kind – Morecambe and Wise Show” ATV studio 2 december 1963 11. CRIMBLE MEDLEY 12. TIE ME KANGAROO DOWN SPOT Live at the BBC Various 21/26 december 1963 13. WHAT GOES ON (Demo) 14. A WORLD WITHOUT LOVE (Demo) 15. ONE AND ONE IS TWO (Demo) 16. IF I FELL (Demo) Home Recordings, Late 1963 17. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (Take 2) 18. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (Take 4) (stereo) Pathe Marconi, Paris, France 29 January 1964 19. ALL MY LOVING Live on “Ed Sullivan Show” New York 9 February 1964 20. LONG TALL SALLY Live at Washington Coliseum, Washington DC 11 february 1964 21. YOU CAN’T DO THAT (Take 6) 22. AND I LOVE HER (Takes 2/11) 23. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER (Sessions) 24. TELL ME WHY (Sessions) 25. TRAIN MUSIC 26. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 1) 27. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 2/3) 28. I’LL BE BACK (Take 2) 29. I’LL BE BACK (Sessions) 30. I’LL BE BACK (Take 3) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 25 february – 1 june 1964 31. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO (Demo) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 3 june 1964 32. TWIST AND SHOUT 33. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN 34. I WANNA BE YOUR MAN (stereo) 35. LONG TALL SALLY (stereo) 36. BOYS (stereo) 37. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE 38. MEDLEY OF HITS 39. SHOUT Live on “Around The Beatles” IBC Studio, London 19 april 1964 40. NO REPLY (Demo) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 3 june 1964 41. IT’S FOR YOU (Demo) Demo Recordings, june 1964

CD2 1. TWIST AND SHOUT 2. YOU CAN’T DO THAT 3. ALL MY LOVING 4. SHE LOVES YOU 5. THINGS WE SAID TODAY 6. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN 7. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE 8. IF I FELL 9. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND 10. BOYS 11. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT 12. LONG TALL SALLY (stereo) Live at Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles 23 august 1964 13. I’M A LOSER (Takes 1/2) 14. I’M A LOSER (Takes 3) 15. MR.MOONLIGHT (Takes 1/2/4) 16. LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE (Take 5) 17. NO REPLY (Take 1) 18. NO REPLY (Take 2) 19. WHAT YOU’RE DOING (Sessions/Take 11) 20. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Sessions) 21. EIGHT DAYS A WEEK (Take 5) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 14 august – 6 october 1964 22. SHE’S A WOMAN (Take 1) 23. SHE’S A WOMAN (Take 2) 24. SHE’S A WOMAN (Take 3/4) 25. SHE’S A WOMAN (Take 7) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 8 october 1964 26. I FEEL FINE (Take 1) 27. I FEEL FINE (Take 7/9) 28. KANSAS CITY / HEY HEY HEY HEY (Take 2) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 18 october 1964 29. CHRISTMAS MESSAGE 1964 (Outtake) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 26 october 1964

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