Beatles (2/Cd) / Anthology Complete Works 1

Beatles (2/Cd) / Anthology Complete Works 1
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Beatles (2/Cd) / Anthology Complete Works 1
Anthology that traces the history of the Beatles is newly released as a new editing expansion revised version “Complete Works” series! The latest definitive edition of the rare sound source collection with greatly upgraded contents including the first appearance sound source! !! Vol.1 [Original press board imported directly from overseas]

★ Typical studio outtakes & demos / live concerts have been greatly expanded. Recorded with the latest upgrade remaster by new editing with a different sound source from the original! ★ Many monaural sound sources are recorded in the first appearance version converted to real stereo by the latest AI sound source analysis! ★ Newly edited and revised version with additional recordings of sound sources newly excavated after 1995 and officially unrecorded sound sources.

“The Beatles Anthology”, which traces the history from before the formation of The Beatles to its dissolution in chronological order with rare sound sources and live performances, is a documentary composed of video images, books, and three-part albums in 1995.・ Announced as a project. The three-part album will be released mainly on numerous studio outtakes, demo sound sources, live sound sources of existing TV broadcasts and concerts, and a new song “Free as” based on the sound source left by John Lennon.・ “A Bird” and “Real Love” were also recorded and attracted worldwide attention. Three kinds of VOL.1 to 3 were released in sequence on 2CD, including the first appearance sound source and unreleased songs that were not known until then, and the Beatles collector was also shocked and attracted attention at that time. Since then, the discovery of sound source sources has progressed over the past 20 years, and many sound sources, including sound sources that were not recorded in 1995, have evolved to be closer to the original sound, unedited, and the sound source quality has improved. doing. In addition, the remastering technology has improved and the sound quality has been further improved. Attempts that have never been seen in the past are evolving, such as the conversion of monaural sound sources to real stereo by the latest AI sound source analysis. “Complete Works” is basically re-edited based on the best sound source at the moment while following the original anthology trilogy. Furthermore, it is an expanded and revised version with longer episodes and versions than the original. Not only is the content significantly increased compared to the original, but the difference in sound quality that has been updated can be seen by listening to it. As a sound source collection that traces the history of The Beatles in chronological order, it covers all the basic rare sound sources and additionally records new excavated sound sources, making it a highly recommended attention series that can be said to be the latest edited version that is also ideal for collectors’ introductory editions. I am.

[Contents of Anthology Complete Works 1] CD1 is an opening that traces the history of the Beatles, starting with a collage of interview voices and songs, and recording the performance of the Quarrymen at the Woolton Church where John and Paul, the oldest existing sound sources, met. Not only is it longer than the original, but the sound quality is also easier to hear. The two songs “That’ll Be The Day” and “In Spite of All Danger”, which are the first records to be recorded, are also sources that are closer to the original sound. Not only has the content of home recording increased significantly, but it is also recorded with a sound source that is closer to the original sound. The Decca audition is recorded by converting the original, which was a monaural sound source, into real stereo. The sound quality is also improved more clearly. In addition, the live performance of the Star Club, which was not recorded in the original, is also recorded in stereo. CD2 contains the studio outtakes of the debut album “Please Please Me” followed by “With the Beatles”. Not only is the number of recorded songs increasing, but the monaural sound source has been replaced with real stereo. Furthermore, the BBC sound source has been converted to stereo, and the sound quality of the demo sound source has also been improved. The famous early live sound source Sweden Stockholm radio sound source has also been updated from monaural to real stereo. The lively live performance has been reborn as a clearer and more powerful sound source.

CD1 1. OPENING 2. “We were four guys…that’s all” 3. PUTTIN’ ON THE STYLE 4. BABY LET’S PLAY HOUSE Live at St.Peter’s Church Field, Woolton, Liverpool 6 july 1957 5. THAT’LL BE THE DAY 6. IN SPITE OF ALL DANGER Percy Phillips Studio, Kensington, Liverpool 1958 7. “Sometimes I’d borrow…those still exist” 8. HALLELUJAH, I LOVE HER SO 9. YOU’LL BE MINE 10. CAYENNE 11. THE ONE AFTER 909 12. WILD CAT 13. I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN 14. SOME DAYS 15. HELLO LITTLE GIRL Home Recordings, Forthlin Road, Liverpool spring 1960 16. “First Of All…It Didn’t Do A Things Here” 17. MY BONNIE 18. AIN’T SHE SWEET 19. CRY FOR A SHADOW (stereo) Tony Sheridan Recording Sessions, Hamburg Germany 22 june 1961 20. “Brian was a beautiful guy…he presented us well” 21. “I secured them…a Beatle drink even then” 22. SEACHIN’ 23. THREE COOL CATS 24. THE SHEIKH OF ARABY 25. LIKE DREAMERS DO 26. HELLO LITTLE GIRL 27. TO KNOW HER IS TO LOVE HER 28. CRYING WAITING HOPING 29. LOVE OF THE LOVED (stereo) Audition at Decca Studio, London 1 january 1962 30. “Well, the recording test…by my artists” 31. BESAME MUCHO 32. LOVE ME DO (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 6 june 1962 33. SOME OTHER GUY 34. KANSAS CITY Live at Cavern Club, Liverpool 5 september 1962 35. HOW DO YOU DO IT (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 4 september 1962 36. PLEASE PLEASE ME (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 11 september 1962 37. A TASTE OF HONEY Granada TV “People And Places” Manchester 29 october 1962 38. I SAW HER STANDING THERE 39. THE ONE AFTER 909 40. CATSWALK Cavern Club Rehearsals, Liverpool october 1962 41. RED HOT 42. I’M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN AND CRY (OVER YOU) 43. TWIST AND SHOUT (stereo) Live at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany 18-31 december 1962

CD2 1. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 2) 2. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Takes 7/9) 3. THERE’S A PLACE (Takes 3/4) 4. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET (Take 7) 5. A TASTE OF HONEY (Take 6) 6. MISERY (Take 1) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 11 february 1963 7. FROM ME TO YOU (Takes 1/2) 8. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 1) 9. ONE AFTER 909 (False Start) 10. ONE AFTER 909 (Edit Takes 4/5) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 5 march 1963 11. BABY IT’S YOU 12. PLEASE MR.POSTMAN 13. THAT’S ALL RIGHT, MAMA 14. LEND ME YOUR COMB (stereo) Live at the BBC various 1963 15. BAD TO ME (Demo) 16. ROCKIN’ AND ROLLIN’ (Demo) (stereo) Demo Recordings may 1963 17. DON’T BOTHER ME (Demo) Palace Court Hotel, Bournemouth 19-24 August 1963 18. DON’T BOTHER ME (Takes 10&11/12) 19. HOLD ME TIGHT (Takes 21/22/23) 20. MONEY (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) (RM 7) 21. ALL MY LOVING (Take 14) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 18 july – 12 september 1963 22. I’M IN LOVE (Demo) Demo Recordings october 1963 23. I’LL GET YOU Live on Sunday Night at the London Palladium 13 October 1963 24. I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND (Sessions) 25. THIS BOY (Takes 6/11/12) (stereo) EMI Abbey Road Studio, London 17 october 1963 26. “We were performers…in britain” 27. I SAW HER STANDING THERE 28. FROM ME TO YOU 29. MONEY (THAT’S WHAT I WANT) 30. ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN 31. YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME 32. SHE LOVES YOU 33. TWIST AND SHOUT (stereo) Live at The Karlaplansstudion, Stockholm, Sweden 24 October 1963

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