Beatles (2/Cd) All These Years 1957-1962

Beatles (2/Cd)  All These Years 1957-1962
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Beatles (2/Cd)  All These Years 1957-1962
The first VOL.I of the ďAll Gís YearsĒ series records the dawn of ďThe Beatles BirthĒ, which led to its major debut as ď1957-1962Ē. CD1 is the oldest surviving sound source, the home demo that was recorded at Paulís house, the first acetate sound source of the following year, starting with the historic live sound source of Quarrymen at the Woolton Church on the day John and Paul met in 1957. And the recording session that acted as the back of Tony Sheridan is recorded. CD2 includes all the historic Decca auditions, live performances and rehearsals at the legendary Cavern Club, and even live performances at the iconic Star Club of the Hamburg era in Germany. This is the first anthology series that summarizes the era until the official debut at EMI as The Beatles.

CD 1 1. PUTTING ON THE STYLE 2. BABY LETíS PLAY HOUSE Live at St.Peterís Parish Hall, Woolton, Liverpool, UK July 6th 1957 The Oldest Historical Live Recording (mono) 3. THATíLL BE THE DAY 4. IN SPITE OF ALL THE DANGER Phillips Sound Recording Services, Liverpool, UK July 12th 1958 The Quarrymen Acetate (mono) 5. HALLELUJAH I LOVE HER SO 6. THE ONE AFTER 909 7. YOUíLL BE MINE 8. MATCHBOX 9. I WILL ALWAYS BE IN LOVE WITH YOU 10. THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE 11. THATíS WHEN YOUR HEARTACHE BEGINS 12. WILDCAT 13. THE ONE AFTER 909 14. SOMEDAY 15. YOU MUST WRITE EVERY DAY 16. IíLL FOLLOW THE SUN 17. HELLO LITTLE GIRL 18. CAYENNE 19. WELL DARLING 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool, UK 1960 Home Demo Recordings (mono) 20. MY BONNIE 21. AINíT SHE SWEET 22. THE SAINTS 23. WHY (CANíT YOU LOVE ME AGAIN) 24. NOBODYíS CHILD 25. IF YOU LOVE ME BABY 26. CRY FOR A SHADOW Friedrich Ebert Halle, Hamburg, Germany June 22nd 1961 The Beat Brothers Recording Sessions with Tony Sheridan (stereo)

CD 2 1. MONEY (THATíS WHAT I WANT) 2. THE SHEIK OF ARABY 3. MEMPHIS TENNESSEE 4. THREE COOL CATS 5. SURE TO FALL 6. SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN 7. TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY 8. TILL THERE WAS YOU 9. CRYING WAITING HOPING 10. TO KNOW HER IS TO LOVE HER 11. BASAME MUCHO 12. SEARCHINí 13. LIKE DREAMERS DO 14. HELLO LITTLE GIRL 15. LOVE OF THE LOVED Decca Studio, London, UK January 1st 1962 Decca Audition Original Master Reel (mono) 16. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN Recorded in Hamburg, Germany April 1962 The Beat Brothers Recording Sessions with Tony Sheridan (stereo) 17. LOVE ME DO 18. BESAME MUCHO EMI Studio, Abbey Road, London, UK June 6th 1962 (mono) 19. SOME OTHER GUY (Take 1) 20. SOME OTHER GUY (Take 2) Live at Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK August 22nd 1962 (mono) 21. KANSAS CITY 22. SOME OTHER GUY Live at Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK September 5th 1962 (mono) 23. I SAW HER STANDING THERE 24. THE ONE AFTER 909 (Take 1) 25. THE ONE AFTER 909 (Take 2) 26. CATSWALK (Take 1) 27. CATSWALK (Take 2) Live at Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK Late 1962 (mono) Rehearsals Recordings 28. I SAW HER STANDING THERE 29. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE 30. SHEILA 31. SHIMMY LIKE KATE 32. RED HOT 33. LONG TALL SALLY 34. TWIST AND SHOUT Live at The Star Club, Hamburg, Germany December 18-31st 1962 (mono)

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