Beatles (2/Cd) Alive At Last Plus

Beatles (2/Cd) Alive At Last Plus
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Beatles (2/Cd) Alive At Last Plus
Buried dug up vintage initial analog board had, planning the second edition to try spotlight! This time is a live hen.

All with direct recording from the original analog board, not a simplistic net sound source. In two of the LP of the main was recorded Philadelphia performances September 2, 1964 of the recorded Disc1, but both will be accepted from a rare hard-to-find board, in the first half Disc1 of which is especially this time of the eyeball goods recording of the ALIVE aT LAST (WALRUS RECORDS) wide unrelated range is a very clear and Comp processing than what is tape sound source that circulates in the recent years on the net for, good ears around a natural feel the depth and margin analog sound. There is no first appearance place etc. of the live performance part, live onset and the end of a show of cheers, howling part, long while slightly than the CD title that is its outstanding best with respect to further MC part of the B Men’atama from the A side the end of the MC has been recorded, multiplied by the noise reduction based on none is actually analog board of its outstanding title, fade-in order to cut the trace noise part of the record, it is shorter in the fade-out, that there is this sound source the first half of the say a guess of try compared with WALRUS board, or not than tape sound source is actually not exist, is a conclusion of when to release this board because, we have become a thing can not be overlooked is the core of mania. Since this time to faithfully reproduce the analog board, performs noise removal in the shooting of a pin point, we do not alms equalizing and compressors processing, etc. in addition to having been subjected to volume control. By all means, please experience the faithful sound to the precious master.

Disc1 the second half of “In Concert at Whiskey Flat” (No Label), which is the TMOQ board after, it has also been the one of the earliest board as a Beatles collector’s item of. Large 1 on the label surface, the 2 and say the numbers are printed is indeed TMOQ … design. It is the sound quality does not Oyobi slightly in the first half of the WALRUS board, but there are differences in ALIVE AT LAST slightly Contents of the first half recording and or MC the turn portion of the disk is not shortened, that precious earliest board in was recorded here. You might also Otsu idea to check on your own the difference between ALIVE AT LAST.

Disc2 substantially bonus disc next, disc the old LP of CONTRA BAND MUSIC by request here familiar CONTRA BAND MUSIC! It is only the contents of the enthusiasts, but here is as a bonus disc. For this second piece is to be on CD from these analog board would not nearly forever future. Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder

Vintage Vinyl Record Collection Series


Disc 1

Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA. USA 2nd September 1964

Taken from Mega Rare Vintage LP “ALIVE AT LAST” WALRUS RECORDS / 1001 A, B 1. Introduction 2. Twist And Shout 3. You Can’t Do That 4. All My Loving 5. She Loves You 6. Things We Said Today 7. Roll Over Beethoven 8. MC 9. Can’t Buy Me Love 10. If I Fell 11. I Want To Hold Your Hand 12. Boys 13. A Hard Day’s Night 14. Long Tall Sally

Taken from Vintage LP Pre-TMOQ “In Concert at Whiskey Flat” No Label, Matrix OPD 19 70-417F / OPD 67-2 70418F 15. Introduction 16. Twist And Shout 17. You Can’t Do That 18. All My Loving 19. She Loves You 20. Things We Said Today 21. Roll Over Beethoven 22. MC 23. Can’t Buy Me Love 24. If I Fell 25. I Want To Hold Your Hand 26. Boys 27. A Hard Day’s Night 28. Long Tall Sally

Disc 2

Taken from Vintage LP “SUNDAY NIGHT AT THE LONDON PALLADIUM” (Shalom Records (a.k.a. Contra Band Music) / WEC-3687-A, B)

TV Programme “Sunday Night At The London Palladium” The London Palladium Theatre, London, UK 12th January 1964 1. I Want To Hold Your Hand 2. This Boy 3. All My Loving 4. Money (That’s What I Want) 5. Twist And Shout 6. Ending

TV Programme “Big Night Out” Teddington Studios Centre, London, UK 23rd February 1964 7. Please Mr. Postman (Opening) 8. Skit #1 9. Skit #2 10. All My Loving 11. I Wanna Be Your Man 12. Skit #3 13. Till There Was You 14. Please Mr. Postman 15. I Want To Hold Your Hand

Taken from Vintage LP “SWEDEN 1963” (Contra Band Music / WEC-3795-A, B) Karlaplans studio, Stockholm, Sweden 24th October 1963 for Swedish Radio 16. I Saw Her Standing There 17. From Me To You 18. Money (That’s What I Want) 19. Roll Over Beethoven 20. You Really Got A Hold On Me 21. She Loves You 22. Twist And Shout

Washington Coliseum, Washington, D.C. USA 11th February 1964 23. Till There Was You 24. I Want To Hold Your Hand

BBC Radio Programme “From Us To You” BBC Piccadilly Studios, London, UK 28th February 1964 25. Interview/Roll Over Beethoven 26. Interview/All My Loving 27. Interview/I Wanna Be Your Man 28. From Us To You

Rough Kut Trax . AAL-9264