Beatles (2Cd) Abbey Road Rehearsals

Beatles (2Cd) Abbey Road Rehearsals
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Beatles (2Cd) Abbey Road Rehearsals
A new collection of studio session sound sources that can be said to be a document of the production process of the songs recorded in the Beatles’ last masterpiece “Abbey Road” has appeared from BEATFILE! Includes selected songs from “Abbey Road” that were played as new songs at “Get Back Session” in 1969. It is not a monaural sound source from A-roll or B-roll, but a newly digitally remastered real stereo version of the sound source, and it is a compilation with the first appearance sound source reborn with higher sound quality than ever before. .. This is the latest collection with a focus on “Abii Road” related sound sources from “Get Back Session”!

DISC ONE 01. MEAN MR. MUSTARD (Version 1) 02. OLD BROWN SHOE (Version 1) 03. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Version 1) 04. OH! DARLING (Version 1) 05. SOMETHING (Version 1) 06. I WANT YOU (Version 1) 07. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Version 2) 08. OCTOPUS’S GARDEN 09. SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW (Version 1) 10. OLD BROWN SHOE (Version 2) 11. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Version 3) 12. POLYTHENE PAM/13. SUN KING 14. OH! DARLING (Version 2) 15. MEAN MR. MUSTARD (Version 2) 16. OLD BROWN SHOE (Version 3)

DISC TWO 01. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Version 4) 02. MEAN MR. MUSTARD (Version 3) 03. SOMETHING (Version 2) 04. SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW (Version 2) 05. OH! DARLING (Version 3) 06. I WANT YOU (Version 2) 07. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Version 5) 08. MADMAN COMING 09. OLD BROWN SHOE (Version 4) 10. SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW (Version 3) 11. GOOD ROCKIN’ TONIGHT 12. MAXWELL’S SILVER HAMMER (Rehearsals) 13. ONE AFTER 909 (Rehearsals) 14. HER MAJESTY ◆Complete Stereo Remasters 2020