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THE BEATLES: ABBEY ROAD 50TH ROCKBAND MIXES VOL.1 2 CD Backing and Vocals A fresh new remaster of the Rockband files plus outtakes from Abbey Road sessions - all remastered and sounding better than ever before - from new sources! Get ready for an amazing listening journey! THESE SOUND FANTASTIC!! This volume contains backing - instrumental and vocal only versions, plus a few remixes and outtakes, including the best sounding version of Come and Get It with Paul! 45 tracks 132 minutes

DISC ONE: 01 Come Together (Backing) 02 Something (Backing) 03 Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Backing) 04 Oh! Darling (Backing) 05 Octopus's Garden (Backing) 06 I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Backing) 07 Here Comes the Sun (Backing) 08 Because (Backing) 09 You Never Give Me Your Money (Backing) 10 Sun King (Backing) 11 Mean Mr Mustard (Backing) 12 Polythene Pam (Backing) 13 She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (Backing) 14 Golden Slumbers (Backing) 15 Carry That Weight (Backing) 16 The End (Backing) 17 Her Majesty (Backing) 18 You Never Give Me Your Money - Sun King - Mean Mr Mustard (Alt Mix Complete Ending) 19 Polythene Pam - Bathroom Window (Complete Intro) 20 Golden Slumbers - Carry That Weight (Alt Mix Complete Ending) 21 The End (Alt Mix Complete Intro)

DISC TWO: 01 Come Together (Vocals Mixed Stereo) 02 Come Together (Vocals Mixed) 03 Something (Vocals) 04 Maxwells Silver Hammer (Vocals Mixed Stereo) 05 Oh! Darling (Vocals) 06 Octopus's Garden (Vocals) 07 I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Lead and Backing Vocals) 08 Here Comes The Sun (Vocals) 09 Because (Vocals 1) 10 Because (Vocals 2) 11 Because (Vocals 3) 12 Because (Vocals Stereo) 13 You Never Give Me Your Money (Vocals) 14 Sun King (Vocals) 15 Mean Mr Mustard (Vocals) 16 Polythene Pam - Bathroom Window (Vocals) 17 Golden Slumbers-Carry That Weight (Vocals) 18 The End (Vocals) 19 Her Majesty (Vocal) 20 The Ballad of John & Yoko Take 10 (Vocals Acoustic) 21 You Know My Name (Vocals S1 onto Take 30) 22 Something (Single Vocal with Backing) 23 Because (One Vocal with Backing) 24 Come and Get It (RS- Take 1)