Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Revolution Recording Sessions

Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Revolution Recording Sessions
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Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Revolution Recording Sessions
“REVOLUTION / RECORDING SESSIONS”, a valuable recording session document of the Beatles in 1968, is now available! The latest compilation collection recorded with the real stereo sound source that first appeared! Series latest work by high-quality sound 24bitHQ remaster!

[Content Details] “Revolution” was discovered several years ago as an undisclosed sound source from the recording session of the 1968 Beatles “White Album”. At that time, the up-tempo rock version was officially released as a single, and the slow-tempo “Revolution 1” and the avant-garde “Revolution 9” were released as albums. The recording session of “Take 20” is recorded in the undisclosed sound source. ” has been intermittently recorded for more than an hour while overdubbing up to the sound collage such as tape loops used in “. There have been releases from VIGOTONE and HMC in the past, but this time, the original monaural sound source has been reborn as a real stereo remastered sound source with the latest AI technology conversion, and the sound quality has been improved. In addition, tracks related to the recording session of the White Album are also recorded on CD2 with upgraded sound sources. It is the latest updated collection in 2023, which is attracting new attention in terms of sound quality and content. RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound based on the original board released in the 70’s and 80’s, and reproduced with the highest sound quality master sound source at the moment. As a result, the sound quality has been improved, and the recorded content has been recorded longer before and after the song, and the monaural sound source has been converted to stereo, making it a “revised edition” (revised version) that has undergone a major renewal. increase. It is a reprinted collector’s item series that will be revived with the latest update, which will be a new production with different quality and editing contents from the various titles with the same name so far.

24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, it is recorded with “HQ remaster” by 24bit high spec editing equivalent to high resolution sound source. The difference is obvious when you compare it with the former record/CD with the same title! It is recorded with the highest sound quality quality at the moment.