Beatles Cd -24 Bit Ultra Rare Trax Master Collection 1 Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition

Beatles Cd -24 Bit Ultra Rare Trax Master Collection 1 Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition
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Beatles Cd -24 Bit Ultra Rare Trax Master Collection 1 Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition
Beatles / Ultra Rare Trax Master Collection 1 Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition / 1CD / Retrospective Collection

Ultra Rare Trax Master Collection 1 Vol 1 & 2 Revised Edition. 24bit HQ Remastered Audiophile CD. Stereo Remix

The Beatles classic collector’s item “Ultra Rare Tracks” appears from the latest remastered reprint series “Retrospective Collection”. At the time of 1988, “Ultra Rare Tracks” shocked the world by containing many unreleased Beatles sound sources that first appeared, and later became the foundation for the officially released “Anthology”. This series, which was released on CD from The Swingin’ Pig (TSP) label based in Luxembourg, Germany at the time, and was also released on a limited analog record board, continues from VOL.1 to 6, and is still unrecorded in “Anthology”. As the origin of studio outtake sound sources, including sound sources, it is a classic must-have item for Beatles collectors whose value has not been lost. There have been many similar projects so far, but as the name suggests, this “master collection” is recorded from the master sound source that was the source of the original recording. Not only is the sound quality much improved compared to the original, but the songs are longer before and after, and the recorded content itself has been upgraded, such as converting from monaural to stereo. ) is the latest version in 2022, which has evolved further.

RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, based on the original edition released in the 1970s and 1980s, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound and reproduced with the highest sound quality master sound source at the moment. As a result, the “Revised Edition” (revised edition) has undergone a major renewal, including not only improving the sound quality, but also recording the contents before and after the song for a longer time, and converting the monaural sound source to stereo. It is This is a reprinted collector’s item series revived with the latest update, which is a new production with different quality and editing contents from the various titles with the same name so far.

24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, it is recorded with “HQ remaster” by 24bit high spec editing equivalent to high resolution sound source. The difference is obvious when you compare it with the former record/CD with the same title! It is recorded with the highest sound quality quality at the moment.

[Content Details] In this “Ultra Rare Tracks: Master Collection I (VOL.1 & 2)”, the recorded contents are based on the original of the TSP label, but all the sound source sources are newly replaced, and the sound quality is of course improved. Depending on the song, it has been recorded longer, monaural has been converted to real stereo, etc. The difference is clear if you compare it with the already released one. Even with the first song “I Saw Her Standing There” alone, you can see that the performance part that reproduces realistic vocals and fine details is a master with a higher degree of freshness than ever before. “How Do You Do It” and “Leave My Kitten Alone”, which are also included in the anthology, are recorded in real stereo versions from monaural to the latest AI technology. “Penny Lane”, “The Fool On The Hill” and “I Am The Walrus”, which are originally known as acetate boards, have also been replaced with sound sources that have evolved from monaural to real stereo. Also, “A Hard Day’s Night”, which was originally miswritten as “TAKE3” as “TAKE4”, is also recorded in stereo for both versions. In addition to the songs recorded in the original VOL.1 & 2, 6 extra songs are recorded.


ULTRA RARE TRAX VOL.1 1. I Saw Her Standing There (Take 2 – 2.11.1963) 2. One After 909 (Take 2 – 3.5.1963) 3. She’s A Woman (Take 2 – 10.18.1964) 4. I’m Looking Through You (Take 1 – 10.24.1965) 5. If You’ve Got Trouble (Take 1 – 2.18.1965 / RS 2 edit 1984) 6. How Do You Do It (Take 2 RM 1 – 9.4.1962) * 7. Penny Lane (Take 9 RM 9 – 1.17.1967) * 8. Strawberry Fields Forever (Take 26 – 12.15.1966) 9. From Me To You (Take 2 – 3.5.1963) 10. Besame Mucho (Take Unknown – 6.6.1962) * 11. The Fool On The Hill (Take 1 – 9.6.1967) * 12. Paperback Writer (Take 1 – 4.14.1966) 13. Paperback Writer (Take 2 – 4.14.1966)

ULTRA RARE TRAX VOL.2 14. Can’t Buy Me Love (Take 2 – 1.29.1964) 15. There’s A Place (Take 3 – 2.11.1963) 16. There’s A Place (Take 4 – 2.11.1963) 17. That Means A Lot (Take 2 – 2.20.1965 / RM 1984) * 18. Day Tripper (Take 2 – 10.16.1965) 19. Day Tripper (Take 3 – 10.16.1965) 20. I Am The Walrus (Take 17 RM 4 – 9.6.1967) * 21. Misery (Take 1 – 2.11.1963) * 22. Leave My Kitten Alone (Take 5 – 8.14.1964 / RS 1984) * 23. We Can Work It Out (Take 2 – 10.20.1965) 24. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 2/3 – 4.16.1964) * 25. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Take 3 – 10.21.1965) 26. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Take 4 – 10.21.1965)

EXTRA TRAX 27. If You’ve Got Trouble (Unedited Take 1 – 2.18.1965) 28. Strawberry Fields Forever (Complete 12.15.1966) 29. That Means A Lot (Take 1- 2.20.1965) 30. That Means A Lot (Take 3 – 2.20.1965) 31. That Means A Lot (Test Take – 2.20.1965) 32. A Hard Day’s Night (Take 4 – 4.16.1964)

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