Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Abbey Road Tapes Roger Scott Collection I Revised Edition

Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Abbey Road Tapes Roger Scott Collection I Revised Edition
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Beatles (2/CD) 24/BIT Abbey Road Tapes Roger Scott Collection I Revised Edition
The Beatles studio session definitive edition “Abbey Road Tapes-Roger Scott Collection” appears in the latest edited update revision The 1st installment of the latest reprint series revived with high-quality 24bitHQ remastering Original press board imported directly from overseas 24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD

“Abbey Road Tapes ~ Roger Scott Collection”, which is the definitive version of the Beatles’ studio session sound source, is now available from the latest remastered reprint series “Retrospective Collection”. John Barrett, an engineer at Abbey Road Studio, began investigating the enormous Beatles session tapes sleeping in EMI’s warehouse, and the event “THE BEATLES AT ABBEY” held at Abbey Road Studio in 1983 A part of it was published in ROAD. Roger Scott, who served as DJ at that time, later covered the session sound source on his own radio program, and held copies of many session tapes, including those that were unpublished at the time. Rare Tracks” and “Answerpast Masters” have produced collector’s masterpieces. In this “Abbey Road Tapes-Roger Scott Collection”, the Roger Scott sound source is recorded in chronological order, focusing on studio session sound sources that are not included in the “John Barrett Tapes” relationship. Using the best existing master, it has been reborn as the latest version in 2022 with the latest remaster.

RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION // REVISED EDITION In this latest remastered reprint series, all the sound source sources are traced back to the original sound based on the original releases that were once released in the 1970s and 1980s, and are reproduced with the highest sound quality master sound source at the moment. As a result, the “Revised Edition” (revised version) has undergone a major renewal, such as improving the sound quality, recording longer before and after the song, and converting the monaural sound source to stereo. It is This is a reprinted collector’s item series revived with the latest update, which is a new production with different quality and editing contents from the various titles with the same name so far.

24bit HQ REMASTERED AUDIOPHILE CD In this CD mastering, it is recorded with “HQ remaster” by 24bit high spec editing equivalent to high resolution sound source. The difference is obvious when you compare it with the former record/CD with the same title! It is recorded with the highest sound quality quality at the moment.

[Content Details] “Abbey Road Tapes-Roger Scott Collection 1” begins with the historic first album “Please Please Me” in 1963, “With the Beatles” “A Hard Days Night” ” Includes session sound sources of the first four works up to “The Beatles for Sale” and the single “From Me to You / Thank You Girl”. Unreleased takes that have not been officially released in “Anthology” and studio sound sources with different mixes are summarized, and all songs are recorded with upgraded quality by the latest remaster. The sound source that was monaural until now has been replaced with real stereo, and it is the content that can be said to be the definitive version compared to the related titles in the past.

DISC 1: 1. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 1) 2. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 2) 3. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 3/4/5) 4. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 6/7/8) 5. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 9) 6. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 10) 7. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 11 Track 2) 8. I SAW HER STANDING THERE (Take 12 Track 2) 9. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 1) 10. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 2) 11. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 3/4) 12. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 5/6) 13. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 7/8) 14. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 9) 15. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 10) 16. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 11) 17. THERE’S A PLACE (Take 12/13) 18. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET (Take 7) 19. DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET (Take 8) 20. A TASTE OF HONEY (Take 6 Track 2) 21. A TASTE OF HONEY (Take 7 Track 2) 22. MISERY (Take 1) 23. MISERY (Take 2) 24. MISERY (Take 3/4) 25. MISERY (Take 5) 26. MISERY (Take 6) 27. MISERY (Take 7) 28. MISERY (Take 8) 29. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 1) 30. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 2/3/4) 31. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 5) 32. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 6) 33. THANK YOU GIRL (Take 7-13) 34. HOW DO YOU DO IT (Take 2) 35. FROM ME TO YOU (Single Version Stereo Remix) 36. THANK YOU GIRL (Single Version Stereo Remix)

DISC 2: 1. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 1) 2. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 2) 3. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 3) 4. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 4) 5. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 5) 6. FROM ME TO YOU (Take 6/7) 7. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 1) 8. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 2) 9. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 3) 10. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 4) 11. ONE AFTER 909 (Take 5) 12. HOLD ME TIGHT (Take 20/21) 13. HOLD ME TIGHT (Take 22/23/24) 14. HOLD ME TIGHT (Take 25/26) 15. HOLD ME TIGHT (Take 27/28) 16. HOLD ME TIGHT (Take 29) 17. DON’T BOTHER ME (Take 10) 18. DON’T BOTHER ME (Take 11/12/13) 19. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (Take 2/3) 20. CAN’T BUY ME LOVE (Take 4 without guitar solo) 21. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 1) 22. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 2/3/4) 23. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 5) 24. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 6) 25. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 7) 26. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 8/9) 27. A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (Take 9 overdubs) 28. I’M A LOSER (Take 1/2) 29. I’M A LOSER (Take 3) 30. I’M A LOSER (Take 4/5) 31. I’M A LOSER (Take 6) 32. I’M A LOSER (Take 7)

● レコーディング・データ All Tracks are New Stereo Remix and Remasters 2022 24bit HQ Remastered Audiophile CD