Gregg Allman (2/Cd) One More Try An Anthology

Gregg Allman (2/Cd) One More Try An Anthology
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Gregg Allman (2/Cd) One More Try An Anthology
Gregg Allman's "One More Try: An Anthology" is a most unusual retrospective, for the 34 songs on the two CDs include only eight performances that have ever been released before. Perhaps this is an admission by Allman himself that his solo albums have been over-produced in a way that distracted from his primary asset, his blues-drenched baritone. That voice dominates the stripped-down demos, pre-orchestration alternate takes and live performances that make up the 26 previously unreleased tracks. Many of these rarities suffer from a lack of rhythmic push, but to hear Allman growling and purring his way through his favorite Muddy Waters, Jackson Browne and Bobby Bland tunes, as well as his own originals, is a genuine treat. Highlights include a jam with Johnny Winter, Buddy Miles, and Berry Oakley on "Wasted Words," an acoustic-guitar-and-vocal version of "Come and Go Blues" and a soulful reading of Percy Sledge's "When a Man Loves a Woman."

Although it may be a little too comprehensive for some tastes, One More Try: An Anthology is the definitive Gregg Allman collection. Spanning two discs and 34 songs, the collection touches upon every phase of his career. Of course, it concentrates on his solo career -- all of his hits, key album tracks, and AOR staples are here -- but it also contains a couple of Allman Brothers cuts for good measure. The end result is a weighty anthology that winds up as the final statement on Gregg Allman's career.

There's no such thing as too much Gregg Allman. This 2 CD Set will not disappoint the Allman fan!! In fact, it is a must have!! The discs highlight Gregg's ability to take an audio sensation and turn it into a physical reaction. You feel the pain in the sound. I am an avid blues fan, and few, if any, elicit the response I feel when I listen to Gregg Allman. His vocal style is a window into his soul, and he's giving the listener a glimpse in. This set is a treasure with it's previously unreleased tracks and remastered tracks!



01. One More Time 02. One More Try 03. All My Friends 04. Can't Lose What You Never Had 05. Midnight Rider 06. God Rest His Soul 07. Multi-Colored Lady 08. When a Man Loves a Woman 09. Slip Away 10. I Feel So Bad 11. Wasted Words 12. Turn on Your Love Light 13. Brightest Smile in Town 14. Can You Fool 15. Never Knew How Much (I Needed You) 16. Please Call Home 17. Will the Circle Be Unbroken


01. Bring It on Back 02. Catfish Blues 03. Come and Go Blues 04. Adam's Song/Shadow Dream Song 05. These Days 06. God Rest His Soul 07. Queen of Hearts 08. Rain 09. It's Not My Cross to Bear 10. Win, Lose or Draw 11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken 12. Shadow Dream Song 13. Multi-Colored Lady 14. Bad Dream 15. Lead Me On 16. Oncoming Traffic 17. Melissa